14. – The Virtues For The Path Of Light

As a lot of humans are not sure about which virtues and moral values are of importance to the spiritual development, I want to introduce the most important ones here. The following guidelines are suggestions for a virtuous life and are neither complete nor perfect, but a starting point for the Path of Light. They should not be followed fanatically, but be “food for thought” for contemplating about virtues, upon which you may decide to accept them or not. The following rules are recommendations by higher spirit beings, you decide what you are willing to accommodate in your life.

  1. Be honest and truthful. Avoid lying, exaggeration, and try to always think, say and live the truth.
  2. Do not harm anyone. Avoid physical harm to any living being on the material, emotional, and mental plane.
  3. Have patience with yourself and others. Be patient with your spiritual development, have patience with others as well.
  4. Be friendly and joyful, spread joy among your fellow humans, shine love from your heart.
  5. Love your fellow humans and yourself, too. Love your life and that of the other beings around you, all were made by the same creator, from the same source.
  6. Practice universal love. Meet humans, animals, the environment, and life situations with unconditional love, transforming any low vibrations they may contain.
  7. Live in the present. The current moment is of importance, not the past, which cannot be changed, nor the future, that has not happened yet and is only determined by the present. Be with your consciousness in the now.
  8. Think high. Avoid low, destructive thoughts and be optimistic. Do not worry about what could go wrong, but concentrate on solutions. Learn to listen to your heart.
  9. Learn to observe your emotions, and try to change low emotions (fear, hate, jealousy, etc.) with love and light into high emotions (faith, trust, love, etc.).
  10. Make an effort to dissolve old karma, and try to prevent the creation of new karma.
  11. Forgive those, that harmed you, and pray that the harm you have done may be forgiven.
  12. Make an active effort to go the Path Of Light, by daily use of the recommended light exercises (see Chapter 4).
  13. Protect yourself from low level influence, by asking your guardian angel for help and using the triple light protection at least twice daily (see Chapter 4.1).
  14. Become aware of the presence of your spirit helpers, your guardian angel and your spirit guide. Make an effort to accept their help, and listen inside.
  15. Look forward to the coming age, and prepare yourself. Do not fear the possible circumstance surrounding the transition, they are not of major importance.
  16. Spiritual development is the goal of life, not material success. Accept and live by this basic statement.
  17. Take care of your material body, keep it in a good condition through sufficient physical exercise, enough water supply, healthy food, and avoid food from animal sources. Avoid drugs, even “mild” ones like tobacco, coffee, black tea, and isolated food like white sugar and white flour, as well as industrialized food such as factory made ready meals.
  18. Live in humility and respect for God’s creation and God himself.