Address of February 4, 2011: 2012 – changes, time-lines

By Archangel Michael

Be greeted, dear friends on earth! The time has come to bring your preparation for the Age of Aquarius to a new level. As we can see, there are many among you who are feeling lost, who are feeling restless, and who fear the future. Indeed there are so many who believe that what they call “apocalypse” is near, although we keep reminding you that what is to come near the end of 2012 is not the end of the world, but rather a new beginning.

Yes, it is true that Mother Earth has begun with the early stages of labor for her rebirth, which is why you can see strange weather all over the planet. While some see this as part of cyclical weather changes, indeed this much more related to the global changes as a result of changes in the energy field of Earth.

Throughout this year and even more so in 2012 you will most likely see more extreme weather phenomenon, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes in areas that were thought to be without risk. In a way, Mother Earth is adjusting to the ongoing changes, and this will show more and more on the physical plane. However, there is no “end of the world” scenario coming, instead we are reaching the misinterpreted “end of times”.

What this really means is that Earth returns to the cosmic time-line, as many thousands of years ago Earth became separated from the cosmic time-line – indeed, as shocking as that may sound, all life on Earth was destroyed in a very distant past – but a higher intelligence decided to “undo” this destruction, although it meant that Earth was out of tune with the correct time-line of the cosmos.

This time-loop is coming to an end, which also explains why the Maya decided to draw their calendar only up to the end of that loop, as they foresaw this return to the correct cosmic time-line. They were much in tune with the spirit world and higher intelligence, which explains their high level of knowledge.

You may wonder what I am referring to when I say “higher intelligence”. Well, you are not the only intelligent beings in the universe, and there are beings on other planets that are much farther developed, who have decided quite a few times in the past to assist mankind, when the time and the conditions were right. However, due to their higher intelligence these extraterrestrial brothers and sisters prefer not to intervene unless absolutely necessary and to allow mankind its natural development as much as possible.

There is nothing to fear, either from these extraterrestrials or from the global changes – Earth is undergoing changes, and mankind as well, and you will also see many more changes concerning many of the topics that currently dominate the news media – more governments will fall, revolutions will continue all around the globe, as this feeling of restlessness and much-needed change manifests not only in the individual but also on a larger scale.

However, what is important is in which direction mankind will proceed in this most delicate and most important period of its history. In the end, this will show the true character of mankind, but what is important for each and every one of you who reads these words: What part are you playing in this? Are you sending out thoughts of fear or even anger? Or are you assisting in sending light, in projecting peace, in promoting harmony for society? Remember, you are part of mankind – at least for the duration of this lifetime! As such, you have a responsibility to BE that part to the fullest, and project what you feel is right, and work actively for creating a better society, a more human humanity – putting sense into the word, “human”.

Be greeted, and be blessed. Amen.

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Address of Nov. 26, 2008: The New Age

by archangel Michael

I greet you, my dear brothers and sisters on earth. Blessings to you, and when I say these words, they are not just mere formalities or politeness, they actually bear energy – not only do all words bear energy, but when I come to you with such words, they are not empty greetings, but indeed full of energy you receive when you open your mind, open your heart, to these words, as they transmit indeed blessings, regardless where you are, and when you read them, as to us in the spirit and angel realms time and space are not as you perceive them, so for us it is possible to do what seems impossible to you: We can be with anyone, at any time. So if you are willing to receive the blessings I speak of while giving this message to the messenger, the medium, who is writing these words down for me, you can actually receive this fine energy, whenever, wherever.

And I speak through this medium more often these days, as there is an increased need due to the changes that come with the transition into the new era. While to many the term “New Age” has become synonymous with sects and doomsday, which is rather disappointing as the new era indeed is something joyous, something to celebrate, something to look forward to – instead of fearing it, like many of those who even consider its reality do. It does not matter that still most of mankind is unaware of the coming age, but what matters is how those who are aware, deal with this. All souls came to earth at this time for a reason – to be part of the transition. Even those who leave earth now, still wanted to be part of the transitional phase which has been in progress for many years. As said before, the transition is not a sudden one day event – it takes time, indeed it takes decades. Although the “birth” of the new era takes place in little over four years in your time scale, from the point of time when this message was written down, you are already well inside the doorway, just have not stepped all the way through yet. Major planetary events such as this do not happen in a split second, but over a period we have been calling the transitional phase.

Still many wonder what will the actual transition be like – and they too often think of disasters, of millions dying, horrible diseases, fires and earthquakes, tsunamis and many other horrible things. Yet my dear friends, have you forgotten that what you think, what you give energy to, will be manifested? Many lightworkers around the world are working every day to help mankind have a smooth transition, that is what everyone needs to focus on, especially those who speak of doomsday events. Spreading light is the key to manifesting a future for mankind that is painless and joyful. I understand the curiosity of many, who want to know more about what will happen in the next few years, they want prophecies and predictions. I can only say the truth, which is, if you concentrate on disaster, you are asking for one, but if you concentrate on the wonderful times that will come, and on a smooth transition, and do your part in form of lightwork to help create this, then this will be your future. You may think that a few people around the world doing lightwork cannot prevent disaster. Well my dear friends, look at your own history. Has it not been a few key people who guided mankind through history? Who brought peace, or war? Who brought famine, or prosperity? Well my dear friends, with the new era it is not much different – it takes a certain amount of people to do what needs to be done, to raise mankind’s vibration sufficiently to enable a smooth transition, and it is quite possible that all who are incarnated at that time, can proceed into the new era without hassle. To those who have been unaware so far, it will be a wonderful awakening, as they see the world literally with new eyes, as their consciousness shifts onto the higher realm. At that time, to many their life up to that point may seem like a strange dream, as they realize where they have arrived, and see the beauty of their new world, and can enjoy the peace and harmony, which brings the new era.

While much of this may seem like childish fantasy, or utopia, it is the reason we have not spoken of this much, as much of what is to come may seem incredible, too good to be true, and many think, if it is too good to be true, it cannot be true – yet there are things in life, that are simply that good that they seem too good to be true – but are true nonetheless. But the time has come to begin to explain a little bit of what is to come so you understand the importance and work for something positive, something you want to reach – instead of being motivated by fear of doom. Your motivation needs to be based on something positive you want to create, and now is the time to take action, I have said this before but I still see many who read these words and still do not begin to do so, or do so insufficiently. All I urge you to do is to send light to earth and mankind each morning and each evening, you may do so as recommended by our brother Emmanuel, or any way you feel is right. What matters most is the intent, not your capacity to imagine anything, so do not feel inferior, know that you can and should be part of the team of lightworkers around the world who participate and lift mankind onto its next level. Do not fear, but face the future knowing it will not be an easy time to go through the transition, but when you arrive, you will be surprised about the joy and happiness you encounter. This, my dear brothers and sisters, is not some flowery esoteric babble, but the truth, whether you accept it or not – the choice is yours.

Greetings to you all, and blessings from the Lord. Amen.

Lesson 41: Time for change

by Emmanuel

My dear friends on earth, I greet you! It has been a little while since I last spoke to you. In the meantime, I have worked to help harmonize mankind’s aura – not an easy task at this time. Dear friends, I come to you not only to update you on the events, but also to ask for your assistance – and to give you the opportunity to do your part for mankind’s development.

Let me begin with a brief update: I see that a growing number of humans is awakening, and listening to their inner voice, their inner guidance, living more in tune with the path of light. However, there are also events that are of great concern. Events, such as new wars, increase in violent crime in some parts – although a decline in others. However, any increase in violence, anger, hate, as I see widespread, brings the energy of all of mankind down. So, beings of light have to work hard with those humans who work with the light. It is a commune effort to raise the energy, but currently there is little raising, rather coping with the darker forces that tempt mankind.

Now is the time to turn this around, to join in, and take the momentum of all those who work with the light, to help mankind reach higher levels. There are many levels, where this can and needs to be done:

  • in the way of thinking (observe yourself, how often do you view things negatively? Yes, reality is what it is, but it can always be viewed positively, looking for opportunities to improve the situation, rather than dwelling on how terrible things are!)
  • in the way you speak to your fellow man (watch what you say – do you agree with others when they moan or complain? Or do you encourage them to change their view, and look for solutions, look for ways to improve the situation?)
  • in the way you act – by doing your part to improve life on earth (do you do simple things like recycle, conserve energy, walk or use public transport instead of driving your car?)
  • in the way you project – what do you send out to the world? (what are your feelings toward the world? do you do light work for mankind? do you fill yourself, your home, your neighbors, your community, your continent, earth, the universe, with light?)

Dear friends, this is an urgent call to comply with all your strength, and do all you can do. In human terms, little time is left, and there will be more reminders by mother nature, that mankind is not the owner of earth, until mankind has learned and works with earth, instead of abusing her, ignoring her needs, and ignoring mankind’s own needs. All this is said, not to help earth – she can handle herself, and if needed will rid herself of what is hurting her – it is all said, to help you to awaken, to find your path, to see and follow the divine light. There is a very bright time ahead for mankind, but it is necessary that as many as possible to their part to allow this bright time to unfold. There is no need to fear the future, look forward to it with great joy, as what it will bring means joy – and with this view, take the opportunity to join the community of lightworkers to build this future. Now is the time. Be blessed. Amen.

Address of Aug. 21, 2001: Reflection

by archangel Michael

Greetings, my dear friends on this earth plane! As time passes on and your own development proceeds, sometimes slower, sometimes quicker, there may be a point in your development where it is wise to begin to reflect upon the changes within yourself, in a non-judgmental way. Simply take the time maybe once a week to look back and observe what events caused you to learn, observe the thoughts, the feelings, that you had when the event happened. Review your week this way, under the viewpoint of what you learned that week. Even the little events are building blocks to your own future, some of the tiniest events are also needed, as you need the sand in the cement between the bricks to hold it all together. This reflection will help you to become more aware of what is happening in your life, that it’s not just a random mixture of events, that have no purpose, but the more you allow yourself this reflection on a regular basis, you can realize how everything fits into the whole picture that shapes your life. This is essential, as you need to learn to be more aware of what is happening in your life, and not just let it “flow by”. As you become more and more aware, you will also eventually notice that you can much more easily see the significance of your lessons and life events right when they happen, allowing you to live a more realized, a more aware life. When you do this reflection, it may be that your higher self allows you to realize the significance and see the lesson in your events of the week – if you do not receive this intuitive insight, do not worry about that, continue this reflection, you can also ask for the presence of your spirit guide to help you with this matter. The subject is not to understand the events with your mind, but to become aware that these events have a purpose and do not happen randomly. This will eventually lead to a deeper understanding and an intuitive insight. Just accept the images that you receive, and should you receive images that make you uneasy, remember the light in your heart and shine it into this situation to transform it. As with all spiritual exercises, I also advise you to use the triple light protection before this reflection. Greetings to you, be blessed, Amen, Amen, Amen.

Lesson 27: Astral Traveling

by archangel Zadkiel

Greetings, dearest friends on the earth plane! It has been a while since we convened here, as all that needed to be conveyed to that time had been said. Now I wish to add additional information, as you progressed and earth and much of mankind are proceeding with the transitional processes. This allows us to reflect upon what has begun to happen, as your reality, and that, what you perceive as reality, is being modified. Just as a budding flower, you have risen and expanded, and are now beginning to unfold to your true potentials. Some of you have even already begun to explore your potentials, just as children explore the world around them. These potentials include what you call astral traveling and other abilities often called psychic or extrasensory perception. An increased interest in these and other “unusual” abilities has begun, which is the result of your inner drive to explore your increasing abilities. Some have wondered, what astral traveling is, and it can be briefly described as the temporary relocation of consciousness. As consciousness has no mass, it is not limited by the terms of physics, and can travel in an instant to any point in the universe, regardless of the distance. This consciousness can even manifest to the point of energy presence at that other location, and may even be perceived as physical presence by others who are at the other location. While the body remains at the original location, it may also be that these astral travels are not restricted to linear time. For others at the location of the body, it may be that only a few minutes pass, while the consciousness experiences a stay at an alternate location which appears to be for a much longer time, several hours, even days, could pass. As you explore the possibilities of this, don’t be surprised if you experience such incoherences with time, as time will become more relative to you, less statically linear. What this means, is that you may feel you were gone somewhere for much longer than what your watch or clock may tell you. You may already have experienced this in a less controlled fashion, as you may have had a dream, which gave you the impression that you experienced several hours in this dream, but you woke up and realized that you had only been asleep for a few minutes. This shows, that what your soul experiences as time, is something completely different than what physics and clocks describe. Dear friends, if you haven’t experienced astral travel, there is no need to worry, soon it will be more widely available to those that are open for these experiences, and it is important to remain calm, and patient, as well as “playful”. Many humans see their lives too seriously, such as an actor who becomes too involved with his role that he cannot distinguish between fantasy and his real identity. Now is the time to return to your true self, with faith in the power of God, and his aids, who are around you as guides and angels. Be blessed, dearest friends! Amen. Amen. Amen.