Address of May 02, 2000: Shields

by archangel Zadkiel

Greetings, dearest friends on the earth plane! May you be blessed and receive the peace and the love of the Lord. So many humans incarnated on earth have shielded themselves against anything outside of them, which also shields the Love from the Lord. This peculiar behavior may have been helpful to some extent in the past to shield off dark forces – but when it also shields off the light forces, you have to rely on your inner light – which in many cases has been reduced to a minute spark, as a result of the isolation caused by the shielding. I hope I have made myself clear enough – a shield may seem like an appropriate protection, but really is the cause of much of the suffering on earth, the emotional and mental suffering which can and has resulted in physical suffering as well in many cases. If you feel you need protection, the true source of being without darkness is to surround yourself with light, and be a source of light. The main point I am trying to convey, however, is that light is not a shield, so surrounding yourself with the spiritual white light is not of essence, rather being filled with light is. This is why you were given the “Triple Light Protection” exercise by Emanuel. There are several similar exercises known to humankind, which all serve the same purpose and follow the essential principle – where there is light, there cannot be darkness. Thus, dearest friends, let go of your imaginary shields which isolate you from the Lord and his helpers, and learn to trust the power of the spiritual white light, and accept the help you receive through the angels of light, who bring you the Lord’s blessings every day, and the assistance you receive from spirit guides and teachers. Indeed, dearest friends, the choice is yours, may you find your path and be guided by the light. Amen. Amen. Amen.