Address of Aug. 21, 2001: Reflection

by archangel Michael

Greetings, my dear friends on this earth plane! As time passes on and your own development proceeds, sometimes slower, sometimes quicker, there may be a point in your development where it is wise to begin to reflect upon the changes within yourself, in a non-judgmental way. Simply take the time maybe once a week to look back and observe what events caused you to learn, observe the thoughts, the feelings, that you had when the event happened. Review your week this way, under the viewpoint of what you learned that week. Even the little events are building blocks to your own future, some of the tiniest events are also needed, as you need the sand in the cement between the bricks to hold it all together. This reflection will help you to become more aware of what is happening in your life, that it’s not just a random mixture of events, that have no purpose, but the more you allow yourself this reflection on a regular basis, you can realize how everything fits into the whole picture that shapes your life. This is essential, as you need to learn to be more aware of what is happening in your life, and not just let it “flow by”. As you become more and more aware, you will also eventually notice that you can much more easily see the significance of your lessons and life events right when they happen, allowing you to live a more realized, a more aware life. When you do this reflection, it may be that your higher self allows you to realize the significance and see the lesson in your events of the week – if you do not receive this intuitive insight, do not worry about that, continue this reflection, you can also ask for the presence of your spirit guide to help you with this matter. The subject is not to understand the events with your mind, but to become aware that these events have a purpose and do not happen randomly. This will eventually lead to a deeper understanding and an intuitive insight. Just accept the images that you receive, and should you receive images that make you uneasy, remember the light in your heart and shine it into this situation to transform it. As with all spiritual exercises, I also advise you to use the triple light protection before this reflection. Greetings to you, be blessed, Amen, Amen, Amen.

Lesson 29: Reflection

by archangel Zadkiel

Greetings, dearest friends on the earth plane! Some time has passed since you began entering the new phase, and you may or may not have noticed some unexpected changes in your life. This would be a good time to stop doing what you are doing, and reflect on the past few months, and observe the changes you have seen in your life. These changes cannot be generalized, thus I cannot explicitly tell you what to look for, as each and every one of you is experiencing your own “set” of changes. Most of them will be on a soul level, but all will be reflected on the physical level in some way, whether these are noticeable or not – but it is important to halt every so often to review what has happened, otherwise you will be so tied up with your daily life that you cannot observe and notice the changes. It is necessary to observe these changes if you want to become active in your own spiritual growth. This is a good time to awaken and realize you are spirit, and to become active with your spiritual pursuit. Most brothers and sisters are too busy with physical aspects that the only way they can achieve spiritual advancement is with the efforts of their spirit guides who lead them from one experience to another, without them realizing that all what they learn through these experiences is part of spiritual growth. Now that you have begun to explore your soul identity it is much more efficient if you take an active role and realize that you are not a a puppet of fate, but you can take charge of your spiritual growth – the first step to do so, as described above, is regular reflection – on a day by day basis, to reflect on the day that has just passed, as well as for longer periods, such as I am recommending for you to now reflect on the past months. Weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reflections are all suitable to increase your awareness of what is going on in your life, and this increased awareness aids in getting in touch with your spiritual growth, and your soul’s goals in this lifetime. When you do these reflections, it is important to do this in a non-judgmental manner, when you realize you made a mistake, accept this mistake as a learning experience you can be glad that you have made. Don’t get into being mad at yourself or someone else, while not suppressing feelings, which can be done by strictly observing the events, and the emotions you had at that time – these can be an important clue as to how this relates to your past and current position. Negative emotions simply mean you are affected by the events and you need to learn or overcome something – what that is, needs to be examined further in meditation. Positive emotions usually mean a confirmation that you are on the right track. Don’t get discouraged if you mostly observe negative emotions – being able to observe them already means that you are on the right track as well, but just have to examine why these emotions are raised, and what remains to be learned or released. Often karmic causes can create negative emotions such as fear, anger and panic in situations where these are not expected – which simply means you need to calmly examine these causes and let go of the past – for spiritual healing to take place. These symptoms are often accompanied by physical symptoms such as discomfort, illness, allergies and in some cases severe diseases. Having these physical symptoms are merely an indication that you need to examine the cause of your inner imbalance. There is more to be said, but when the time is right. Greetings to you, be blessed, Amen, Amen, Amen.

Address of Sep. 05, 1999: Reflecting The Present

by archangel Zadkiel

Greetings, dearest friends on planet earth! The time has come to reflect upon your life, less on the past, more on the present. Reflecting about the past can be helpful, but easily leads to emotionally re-living, and lingering in the past. None of these two are of any help, quite to the contrary. It has been said to you several times here, that it is very important for you to focus on the present, and at these confusing times, it is even more so. Reflecting on your current situation is a vital tool to become more centered with time, to learn to live in the present, not in the past, or in the future. It is not wrong to reflect with detachment upon the past, or to plan for the future, as a matter of that, that is very important as well. However, the focus should be always on the present situation, as this is where you can make a difference, and where you can bring about change for the positive, where you can change your course. Only by changing your course, can you make a change for what you perceive from your environment. Change starts with you. If there is something in your surroundings, in your environment, in that what you perceive from your life, what you do not like, do not try to change your perception, that what you see, but begin within yourself. What is within you, is mirrored by what you perceive and see in your life. Thus, the cause of that what you do not like in your environment lies within yourself. The more you dislike something, the more it arouses your emotions, the more this is a signal to look inside and reflect upon what may be the cause for this. Observe yourself carefully, let go of seeing the fault somewhere “out there”. You are not a victim of outside forces, but of what your mind makes of your perception. This may be very hard to accept for some who read this – it is up to you to reject or accept what I say, but I wish for you that you take some of your time to consider my words, and maybe reflect upon them in a meditative or calm state of mind and emotions, and then decide if you want to discard what I said, or embrace it. If you can feel that there is truth in what I said, I recommend that you begin to practice living by these words. You will soon see a change in your life, getting yourself into a more fulfilled and joyful life – it will still be work, you still have problems to face and solve, but you will feel less burdened, and more joyful in tackling your situations. May you be blessed! Greetings to you, dearest friends on planet earth! Amen. Amen. Amen.