Stepping Into The Consciousness – Vol.4 No.12 – Appreciation:Its Power and Use

Stepping Into The Consciousness - Vol.4 No.12 - Appreciation:Its Power and Use

Dennis Adams Seminars proudly presents a dynamic four volume series designed to bring into play the advancement of our consciousness by learning about and activating our higher selves.This series is unique due to the fact that each master was recorded between 7,000 and 12,000 ft high atop Mt. Shasta, so the insights used from a high, clear mountain view are very powerful.Each CD covers different subject material which can inspire our Being to grow. By using simple everyday tools and techniques we can lift our consciousness and dwell in the presence of God.The content of these CDs basically take the things we say and do continuously and allows these things to serve us simply by understanding how they work and transform your everyday life into a relaxing and fun experience.Excerpt: “And one of the things I learned over the years was that regardless of what it was that was being reflected back to me, to be truly and perfectly happy and content with that because that is what I created. And if we can be happy and content within ourselves, it doesn’t matter what is happening, because we will be happy and content and we will begin to receive the understanding how to do that regardless of what the outside world is reflecting to us.”This product is manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media.’s standard return policy will apply.


12.2 – The Power Of The Word

Words and songs are acoustic vibrations, that have far more importance than communication or entertainment. The vibrations of words influence much more than the ear. Words are spoken out thoughts, which are transmitted to the listeners. We will be talking about the significance of the power of thought in the following chapter, here we want to discuss the thoughts that manifest as words. These (not only acoustic) vibrations flow through the entire human body, and have an influence on the nerve system and glands as well as the other bodies and therefore can have an influence on emotions and thought.

This influence of the entire human organism with all seven bodies (see chapter 7) can have creative or destructive effects. Most of the time, these days people use words carelessly and are not aware of the deeper meaning of words. Sometimes a hurting effect may be intentional, and you even say, “that hurts”, when someone says something insulting to you. This causes manifestations in the emotional body which need to be dissolved, and when excessive, can even lead to disease if it is not taken care of (see chapter 9). Of course, there is the option to limit this counterproductive influence by regular use of the triple light protection. Even more importantly, it is necessary to learn to reduce such misuse of words, by everyone trying to avoid the use of mean or painful words. Instead, more and more humans should make an effort to use positive words, that are supportive, cause joy and therefore raise the energies.

A very special way of positive vocalizing is the practicing of “mantras”, or “chanting”, which is the singing of certain holy words in such a way that the syllables are held up for a while to enhance the effect of the vibrations of these sounds. The effect of mantras can be significant and dissolve low emotions and thoughts and put order into the mind, as well as a positive influence on other areas of existence and harmonizing and energizing many levels.

Sadly, most humans have not realized which role spoken words have. This can be used creatively as described above, however also destructively, when words are used carelessly or even purposely used to “hurt” others, this can cause actual damage to the aura. When negative thoughts are put into words and are spoken out, they distribute low vibrations that “steal” energies from the humans that get “hurt”. A human being who is not filled with light can get weakened and take up such low energies and carry them around until this human learns to transform these energies into higher ones. The most important step towards this would be regular use of the triple light protection. Regular light work for dissolving existing energy load would be additionally advisable.

12.3 – The Power Of Thought

Just as words, thoughts are vibrations, too, but on a different level. While spoken words manifest as acoustic vibrations, thought can also influence a human being on various levels. While thought manifests mostly on the lower mental body (see Chapter 7), they can still have an effect on other levels because all seven bodies of the human being are connected and influence each other. This interactive relation of the aura has the result that negative thought can also manifest in the material body (as pain or even a disease).

As discussed previously, vibrations of words can have far reaching consequences. On a more subtle level, the same applies to the vibrations of thought. Thought is an actual vibration within your aura, which is created by your lower mental body, but they are vibrations that you can control. Negative thought only gets created when you allow it to. Now is the time that you realize that you are the master of your life, and you can decide your existence. When negative thoughts come up, send them into the light, and you will realize that with some patience you will succeed in becoming the master of your thoughts, and you can bring these thoughts into higher patterns, independently of external influences. With the descriptions in the previous chapter it should be clear what some kinds of low level words are, as well as what low level thought is. On the mental level this negativity gets less manifested, but on this level many other forms of low vibrations can be created, including, for example, mentally getting involved with fear, or thinking about horrible events, or traveling with the mind a lot to the past. For human beings it is important to deal with the NOW, the PRESENT, not with the past or the future. You live in the now, and so should your mind be. Excluded is thinking about the past when your purpose of doing so is to realize what can be learned from it. However, your thoughts should be mostly in the present, and a senseless wondering about of your thoughts should be avoided.

You gain more control over your thought when you get involved in spiritual work. Just as with spoken words, thoughts can do more than be destructive, thought can be very useful and constructive. Try to think high level thoughts, by turning to a higher view of life, by becoming more optimistic, and instead of looking for mistakes, look for solutions.