Address of Apr. 15, 2009: Growth & Time

by archangel Michael

I greet you, my dear friends on earth! As I come to you on this day I can see that many are in a state of confusion, in a state of feeling lost in life, without goals, and filled with worries. But my dearest friends, if you have listened to any of what we have said before, you will realize that this is the result of the process of transformation, and that this is nothing to worry about. You have all been prepared for this phase, and although it may seem to some that the tasks at hand are insurmountable, feeling incapable of continuing with this lifetime, nobody is being asked to give more than he or she is able to. You all accepted your tasks as they are, you even chose them, and were asked if you truly want to accept them, and you did. You do not remember this now, but your soul knows. And now is not the time to give up. Yes, it seems to some that a day should be twice as long to be able to fulfill all given tasks, to not only deal with jobs, family, household chores, shopping needs, finances, but also do lightwork, meditation, yoga and heal oneself. However, dearest friends, it is mostly a matter of prioritizing, organizing, and commitment, that keeps you from fulfilling these tasks. If you look closely, you will find many minutes wasted during your day, that could have been used to make time for your spiritual well-being, your spiritual growth and self-healing. Even more so, if you were to commit yourself to allow some time every day for your spiritual growth, you could find yourself with more strength, with more power, more energy, more joy – and possibly even with more time, although this might not sound logical to you. However, as you have more energy, you will be able to manage your life more easily, and as such, you save more time – and might save so much time, that even though you do more, you have more time left. Realize that you are a being of light, you are soul, you are spirit. For spirit, time is irrelevant. For human beings, it seems to exist, in an illusive way. But as you are spirit, you can work with this illusion, and begin to use it to your advantage. The more you commit yourself to lightwork, meditation, and other techniques and means for spiritual growth, you will find that time becomes more flexible, allowing you to do all that what you really want to do – for your own spiritual growth and inner healing. While this might still sound fantastic to many, if you commit yourself to spiritual growth you will find that this is true. Primarily, it is time to realize that this is a very important time, a very intensive time, with many challenges – but that all these challenges are surmountable; also, that due to this special time, you can make things easier for yourself by focusing on your spiritual growth – which in the end will not cost you time, but give you all the time you really need. While this might sound to some difficult to accept – enjoy the time here in this lifetime, as this gives you a very unique chance to accomplish so many tasks, which normally take more than one lifetime – yet you can pass through this time, you are given all the help you need, a lot of energy is coming to you – so, dearest friends, make use of this opportunity, and make time for your own spiritual growth! Amen.

Lesson 36: Year of Changes

by archangel Michael

This is a time in which a lot comes to you, a lot of changes, once could almost say, this is a year of changes. And these changes have the result that you will be facing a number of challenges.

But these changes mark a turning point for your life. This turning point means that a lot will be changing direction, that you will undergo changes which will require some efforts on your end, you need to invest some time and strength – also to adjust and learn to live with the changed situations in your life. But these changes, as I see them, are changes that will guide your life into other, more positive, higher tracks.

Of course there will be situations again, which are tests, and according to your reaction to these tests there will be consequences but this doesn’t have to be something bad, because the consequences can be quite positive. It is not only a year in which a lot will change to the positive, but it is a year with lots of changes and most of these changes you should be able to see as positive.

A lot of these changes are chances, possibilities, opportunities, which you can either take or dismiss. But if you can accept them, then you will be able to go through these changes, and you will see the changes for yourself, and how these changes manifest within you, how they help you advance on your path.

Even though the expectations are quite positive, I need to point out again that changes also mean quite a number of challenges and often require your full effort, that you completely devote yourself to these tasks, that you are with the task wholeheartedly, with all your power, and all your energy.