Address of Feb. 25, 2009: Final Phase, Sun

by Archangel Zadkiel

Be greeted, dearest friends on earth! I come to you on this day, as it is my task to assist mankind in its spiritual development, and now is a time that is of utmost importance to you all who are incarnated at this time. As such, it is my duty to speak to you today, and advise you that a few days ago it has begun – what we see as the final phase of the transition has started. This began with an increased energetic activity of the sun, although this may not yet be measurable by your scientists, it will become more obvious as this increase continues almost exponentially, until reaching its peak near the end of 2012. Although within the final phase there will be various steps, the first one was the beginning of the increased solar energy activity. Some of the more sensitive humans may be able to sense this, feel more restless, others simply begin to behave more irritable, as this is also inner restlessness. As this energy output increases, you may find it harder to concentrate, as well as to meditate. However, dear friends, I am not giving you this message to create concern, rather to prepare you, as my advice to you is to now find the time to meditate daily, or at least do some form of lightwork daily, as this helps to counter this effect it has on the mind and psyche, and you can even begin to make good use of this energy. You may wonder, why this output of energy? Well my dear friends, this is needed for earth’s transition, for the transformation of its primary frequency, to modulate it to a higher setting, so that the next dimension can be entered as scheduled. So, as you are momentarily part of earth – all your body’s molecules are part of Mother Earth – and you are incarnated on this planet, this energy can also assist you as well, to work on your own preparation for the actual transition. When you learn to work with this energy from the sun, you can expand your awareness, your consciousness – this is a vital preparation for the transition. Some of you wonder, how much this transition will affect your daily life. From what I can see, it will effect it profoundly, yet this should be understood in a positive way, and those who learn to expand their consciousness will much more easily see and understand this. Be aware that material possession is an illusion, as you own nothing, all is of Mother Earth, and Mother Earth only. You can never own her, any thoughts of such nature are simply megalomaniac and irrational. You are only temporary guests on this planet, and it is time to understand this and treat Mother Earth accordingly. But this is just one of the many areas in your life that will be affected, yet I must say again, in a positive way. Mankind will have to come to senses to avoid extinction, but I do see this coming, as more are awakening, and this increased solar activity is helping – as this restlessness you feel within, is exactly the inner call to consciousness, the inner call to awareness, it is the driving force to guide you to spiritual growth and as such to your transformation, and being in tune with earth’s transformation, allowing you to enter the next dimension together with her. As such, this strange restlessness is not a negative side effect, but rather a wake up call to all those who are still sleeping, spiritually, as most are – even those who claim to be spiritual are often less spiritual than those who are unaware that they are. Now, dear friends, is the time to awaken, to begin your conscious spiritual path. Begin with daily lightwork, daily protections, and it would be highly recommendable to include meditation, walks and meditation in nature, yoga, and other forms of spiritual activity that helps you increase your level of energy, expand your inner light, be more in harmony with yourself, with your soul, and help you process the past so you can leave it behind, and proceed into the future, living, being, fullest in the present. This is an exciting time to be alive, to be incarnated, appreciate the life you have, realize that this is a chance that will not be repeated soon, so make the best of it, my dear friends! Be aware you are not alone, there are many on your side, in flesh and in spirit, although you may not be aware of this. You have friends on your side, always. Amen.

Address of Jan. 12, 2009: Difficulties

by Archangel Michael

Greetings to you all, my dear friends on earth! It is a joy for us to be able to communicate with you again, as this is a special time, in which essential tasks need to be completed. As such, it is important to remain in contact, and to be able to speak to you. Some of you may have already noticed this, but as the time till the final steps of the transition is nearing its end, you will be faced not only with all the tasks that you failed to complete, but you will also face forces that will tempt you to deviate from your path. My dearest friends, I write to you about this so you can be aware of this situation and prepare yourself accordingly. Primarily, you need to know that no task given is too big for you – you would not be given the task, if it were, as it would be futile to attempt to complete a task you cannot handle. It is only in the interest of the cosmos, of the creation, that you receive tasks that you can manage. Also be reminded that you have helpers on your side – in the spiritual realm, but sometimes also in the physical. Become aware of those helpers, and allow yourself to be helped. If help is offered, you do not have to complete it all by yourself. Yes, you do have to do your part, of course, but the more you give, the more will be given in return.

Regarding the forces that will try to deviate you from the path, it is most important to be aware of this, and to know this will increase over the next few years, primarily as it is their last chance to fool you on this plane, but also because test are needed to refine who you are. It is not an accident by creation that these forces exist, and it is not that your guardian angels fail – nothing happens by accident, everything has its cause, and its purpose. In this case, the purpose is to test you – and some of you, to the deepest levels. This is nothing to fear, it is simply something to be aware of, and deal with. It is part of the cosmic plan, and as such is important, too. While these tests may seem like bad timing and additional obstacles to you, nobody said this would be an easy time, or an easy life. You chose to be here, for a reason – because this life would be very important in your soul’s development, as you are allowed to complete much more in one lifetime than what is normally the case.

Now you can catch up with tasks you previously rejected or failed to complete, now you can complete what used to take dozens of lifetimes. It is only natural that this means you will have less time to relax, to rejuvenate, so you need to make time to recover your strength, but not through diversion, such as what you call “entertainment”, but rather by activities that are in tune with your soul and allow you to regain strength, such as yoga, meditation, and nature walks. Enjoy the sunshine, when you can, as this helps your immune system. Watch your diet, see about sufficient intake of fruits and vegetables, preferably fresh and unprocessed, and where possible, also a major part uncooked, as this is pure energy for your body with all the vitamins and minerals needed. But also see about rejuvenating other levels of your existence, by energizing yourself through suitable exercises such as the light work and chakra exercise described by Emmanuel, and relaxing your mind by daily meditation of at least ten minutes. Also, it is time to work with your emotions, for that I recommend imagining a whitish-orange light penetrating the solar plexus. This helps to balance and energize your emotional levels.

Dear friends, it is a wonderful time for being human, so make the best of this exceptional opportunity, and advance with earth, work with the lightworkers around the world, to ensure a smooth transition for earth and mankind. Amen.