Lesson 18: Inner Peace

by archangel Zadkiel

Greetings, dearest friends on planet Earth! Greetings to you and blessings from the Lord. As you find yourself in a situation where you are in constant struggle with life situations and your inner world as thought keeps coming to you even when you desire inner peace, it is time you learn to focus on inner calmness and create harmony within. This may be very difficult to some, as it appears to them to be very hard to do, but with a little patience towards yourself you can learn to create inner peace and harmony, which will reflect outward, even when you have a lot of turbulences around you. Create this peace and you will be like a rock at the ocean shore – the waves may come and hit you many times, but they won’t do you any harm. You may wish to receive some guidance on how you can go about receiving inner calmness, and you can begin by creating a calm environment at the location you are at, although that is not a requirement, but it helps in the beginning to focus. Try to be at a quiet place, go out to nature if possible. Calm your thoughts by dismissing them, letting them come, and letting them go again – just like the waves. Don’t fight your thoughts, they are like the waves – you can do little to stop them. The more you let go of trying to control them, the more you can focus on creating harmony and calmness. You can even picture yourself being that rock by the ocean, observing, not fighting the waves of thoughts. You can observe that once you go from fighting them to observing them, that they begin to calm, and it may take some practice, but after a while they may calm down so much that there are only a few ripples left, and with self discipline and patience you can learn to even let go of the ripples and have total harmony and peace within. Additionally, you can focus on the flame within your heart, for it spreads a peaceful energy. Don’t give up if it doesn’t work for you the first time you try, it takes some time and practice as well as patience. Therefore, trust yourself to reach this goal. It is not too far to reach, for it is within you. Realizing it is so may be the biggest obstacle. Peace be with you, my dear friends. Blessings to you, and greetings from the higher realms. Amen. Amen. Amen.