11. – Extrasensory Perception And Forces

Human beings received various sensory organs for perceiving the various areas of their environment. These areas of perception are very limited, but sufficient for human life on earth. Other beings have other areas of perception, e.g. bats and dogs can hear different frequencies than humans. Snakes and insects also perceive other light frequencies than the human eye can see. The light frequencies visible to the human eye are only a small part of that what surrounds you, as your scientists can tell you, too. In addition to the visible light, there are X-Rays, infrared light and those frequencies that transmit radio and TV broadcasts, and there are many more, yet undiscovered finer light frequencies, that are hard or impossible to detect with physical means. The spirit world consists of such invisible and undetectable frequencies, just as the frequencies of worlds on higher levels including higher developed beings from such planets. Because of the limited ability for perception and influence on the surrounding frequencies, it is however possible to develop the senses that are able to perceive other areas, and have an influence on them.

11.2 – Clairaudiance

Another form of extrasensory perception is the reception of thoughts that are sent by spirit beings. This “clairaudiance” can be the receiving of thoughts and distinguishing from personal thoughts, or even seemingly hearing with ears.

A human being that is developing spiritually can train this perception and get in contact with the own spirit guide, the guardian angel or other astral beings. Clairaudiance is a different (extra)sensory perception than clairvoyance and can be developed independently. Higher developed human beings have the ability to both clairvoyance and clairaudiance, although the presence or absence of these abilities is not a meter for the level of development. What matters is the development of these “spiritual senses” (any extrasensory perception: clairaudiance, clairvoyance, feeling of astral energies) from the inside as a result of the spiritual development.

Some humans have developed their clairaudiance so that they can speak out the thoughts of spirit beings as if they were their own and thereby become the voice for some spirit beings. Such people are called medium, channel or psychic. Some humans are conscious of the process, while others leave their body as if they were asleep or in trance and allow a spirit being to enter the body for a while. Another form is called “writing” where the channel writes down the thoughts of the astral being – some receive the thoughts and consciously write down the words, others have the feeling that their hand is being moved by another force. The formal details are not important, what is of importance is the fact that there are these possibilities to get in contact with the spirit world.

11.4 – Extrasensory Feeling

I want to use the term “extrasensory feeling” for the ability to perceive, “feel”, astral beings, various levels of the astral body (e.g. the ethereal body or the emotional body) or sense thoughts or feelings of other beings, without the manifestation of those thoughts as one’s own thoughts, often on a nearly unconscious level. Here I want to differentiate from telepathy and “mind reading”, as this is not the transmission of thought, rather the transmission of emotions. This “extrasensory” sense is available to all humans when they are ready to open up to the spiritual path. This ability describes the perception of parts of the aura (own or of other beings) as well as emotions. This explains why some humans nearby some others can observe various feelings – well-being, readiness for friendship, however also rejection or threat. It is important to learn how to deal with these feelings. This means, to register them, but not get into them or even get lost in them – simply to observe and then let go.

Some humans have developed this ability very well and can feel the aura with their hands, some healers even developed the ability with powers similar to telekinesis to make changes in the aura and thereby cause changes in the physical body. Others use dowsing rods to explore astral fields (e.g. geophysical phenomenon like electromagnetic field lines or waterline disturbances). The use of tools such as dowsing rods and pendulums for the exploration of the astral levels is a good way to sensitize and train this ability. With progress in the spiritual development this ability improves, too.