This script is special. It was transmitted to us by brother Emmanuel, a high spiritual being. Brother Emmanuel brings us teachings and insights on the spiritual worlds, and explains the sense of life. He shows us the meaning of the spiritual path and how it can be reached. This script is for people who want to consciously develop their spiritual growth. It was specifically written for the present time of mankind, to give advice and teachings which are up to date.

Since 1990 I have been in contact with brother Emmanuel, and out of this contact grew this script. The following chapters have been directly channeled, i.e. they are the words of brother Emmanuel, which came to me as thought input and were immediately written down. Often thoughts of the spiritual beings are very complex compared to ours, therefore some of the sentences are very complex, too. The original channeling took place in 1996 and was revised under advice from Emmanuel in 2005 to keep up with the changes of mankind and global consciousness.

I hope that this script clears up many questions regarding spiritual matters. Upon my request there have been some chapters added to answer some specific questions for our times. The main part however contains general teachings which are valid and of importance throughout all times. Of course not everything will be explained and it is intended as “food for thought”. Hopefully the content is useful for the spiritual development of the reader and possibly is helpful reading material for the seeker and becomes a guide book.

It took exactly two years to get this script “published” – doubt often overcomes the ones who start their voyage. Finally I decided to have the script published for free on this site so it may be of use for many others.

If you have any general questions that have not been answered in this script, I would like to hear about it so we can make an additional chapter on the matter. Drop me a note.

Love & Light


Be greeted, dear reader, as you receive these words! We are happy, that you have taken the time for yourself to take a look at this script and read these lines. You are beginning the journey to your Self, and to that, what many people call God. You are probably on the search for truths and on the search for the sense of life, and you have some doubts in your belief. I am Emanuel, a being from the heights of the spiritual worlds. I come to you to teach you about the spiritual truths and universal laws, which got lost for you in the course of the millennia. While the religions of your times are giving you some truth, a lot of it was falsified, changed, added and disposed. Now is the time that you rediscover the truth, so that you can go the right path. I ask you to read this script thoroughly, not to evaluate it right away, but let it work with you so that you can find out the truth for yourself. I don’t want to pressure any belief upon you, but simply give you the true answer to your questions. What you do with my answers is totally up to you. May you find the right path!