Address of Aug. 26, 2006: Words & Repetition

by archangel Michael

Greetings to you, my dear friends! The time has come to resume our communication using these virtual pages, to reach out to world with words of reminder – reminder of what you know deep within, but may not be able to remember – with other words, to speak the truth as we see it, so you can search within and see what appears true to you, and act accordingly. Whatever rings true to you, is the hidden knowledge within, that we wish to remind you of.

While you do not need us to remind you of what you already know, our reminder may help you in finding your truth, finding your path, thus helping you to get ahead on your spiritual quest. As such, it may at times be important to repeat things that were already said, but shining a different light upon issues, seeing them from a different perspective, and going into depth with varying issues, to allow you to find your own inner truth. Sometimes, there are issues that we mention, which are unacceptable to some – yet easily accepted to others. This does not mean anything, and no judgment shall be made. The only significance this has is that when something is unacceptable to some, that the chose words were not suitable to remind them of their inner truth. There is no way to have the same words for everyone, with the same meaning and same significance, as every human is different and has gone through different upbringing and education, so their concepts and ways of thinking vary. This explains why the exact same words, spoken or written the exact same way, can have quite different meanings and effects.

As it is important to us that everyone who seeks the truth, shall be reminded of it, we must sometimes say the same thing in different ways – therefore you may have noticed that some messages were quite similar, although not identical. It is in an attempt to bring the message closer to those who could not find the truth yet in the way it was previously described – and to add elements for all, the different point of view allows everyone to see deeper or see something new in the message. It is not that we have nothing else to say and therefore just repeat the message, it is to give all the opportunity to not only go deeper, but to ensure as many humans as possible can find their truth.

Looking forward to the upcoming communications, I send you the blessings of the Lord. Amen.