Questions & Answers Part 2

This page provides answers to general questions.

Question: In your opinion are breakthroughs of insight and revelation received due to a spirit guide sending thought images to us or are most of these insights found within ourselves as a matter of course once we start thinking along spiritual lines.

My dear friend, this is an interesting but yet complex issue. My answer, however, needs to be that it is both. There are many cases where breakthroughs of insight come about through inspiration from spirit guides, yet in many other cases it comes through the increased connection with the intuitive, merging with the intellect. In the end, we are all connected spiritually and it is therefore not that important where the thought originated.

Question: What happens if it’s definitely not a suicide attempt, but you feel you can’t go on, but are too stubborn and have too much pride to do anything about it, and have faith in God

Greetings, it appears to be that you feel that you are crushed by the load that you have chosen for this lifetime, would like to “bail out” but your faith holds you back. The best way to handle the clogged situation would be to begin handling your problems, one at a time, beginning with some of the easier ones, working your way up to the bigger ones, and to do some soul searching – so that you can learn to appreciate what you have achieved in this lifetime, to appreciate that you have the opportunity of having this life, and to learn to love your life, unconditionally. You can handle this, otherwise you would not be in this situation. You need to also remember that you have at least two very valuable spirit friends on your side, your spirit guide and your guardian angel, they are always on your side. This may be a good time to realize that they are with you every step of the way, and you can rely on your spirit guides advice and guidance and your guardian angel’s protection. You can go on, be brave and trust God who has sent you these personal spirits to be on your side. Be blessed!

Question: I need some guidance to the understanding the death process, grieving and dreaming of events that actually happen and life after death contact process

Death means leaving the physical body and ethereal body, but remaining within the emotional, mental, higher mental, intuitive and causal bodies – therefore, death is not as severe as many think. Death is also birth – you awaken in the spirit world, see your passed away friends and close ones if they haven’t reincarnated yet, and you meet your spirit guide and guardian angel. They will go over your life with you, and help you understand it better, and what you have learned from it.- Grieving is mostly an expression of loss, for you cannot very easily communicate with the ones that passed over, nor see them with your physical eye, nor touch them. Amazingly enough, however, a lot of times the souls stay around for a little while, but all of them need to eventually go to the light. The sooner they are let go, the sooner they can go to the light. Some don’t even have the desire to go to the light, but most do, and many go straight to the light, to the spirit world. Remaining in the “in-between” astral world happens more often to those that have a sudden death and don’t want to accept the fact that they no longer have a physical body. – Dreaming of events that actually happen is a way of your spirit guide to show you that there is more to life, to give you some “proof”, that there are things beyond that what science can explain. It may also be a warning of what may come, if the dream is of a negative nature, or provide guidance to where you should be heading, if the dream was positive. Dreams are really too complex to give a brief answer here, but these are the main reasons for having dreams that come true. – Many humans desire contact with those that have passed over, as a result of their feeling of loss, sometimes guilt. It is not that advisable to attempt this, this has to do with what was written above, as some souls are not yet all the way in the light, and you can also easily subject yourself to negative, low spirit beings, which can be very dangerous. I recommend not to try to contact anyone that passed over, instead it would be better to contact you own spirit guide, and ask him or her how that friend or relative is doing.

Question: I have heard contradictory information regarding the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. I understand the issue of discerning information but both accounts seem to have merit. Please tell me your account of this event.

I cannot determine at this point which is the contradiction you are referring to. Christ Jesus was sentenced to be nailed to a wooden cross, and that is where he experienced what you call death. He later returned to his body to bring teachings and prove that there is life after death, and to demonstrate ascension.

Question: Hello I would like to know what is the difference between soulmates/lifemates? How could you tell if someone has met his/her soulmate/lifemate? Also any other info. regarding soulmate/lifemate by the higher sources would be nice. God Bless.

Dear friend, I would describe a life mate as a friend on the soul level that accompanies you for your life time, and you may be together with in other lifetimes as well, as friends or acquaintance. A soul mate could be rather described as a soul that is much more than this, and you meet in many lifetimes, this can be as a life mate, but also in other family or non-family relations – as father, mother, close friend, special teacher, there are many possible cases. More often, however, a soul mate is a close friend soul incarnating to be mate, but I am trying to bring across that it does not have to be as a mate for this life, and there will also be incarnations in which soul mates never meet, because they chose different paths and tasks for those particular incarnations.

Question: Is there any significance to who a person’s spirit guide is? Is it usually someone who had a close connection to you in their earth life?

As a soul, there are many friends on the spirit level. One of these spirit or soul friends, who is most suited for the tasks that you want to accomplish in this lifetime, one who has experience in handling the kind of problems you are choosing as a soul for this life time, will come forward, or you may request this spirit. Often, these are spirits that you have met in previous lifetimes, and therefore are familiar with you and can best advise and guide you. There is little significance in who this spirit was in previous lifetimes, the particular wealth of experience and their role as mediator between you, your soul and the spirit world is what matters. You have one spirit guide for this entire incarnation, however additional helpers may join you for particular tasks in addition to your spirit guide.

Question: What is it called when someone can tell the future or sense something shortly before it happens?

This phenomenon can easily occur when the human being begins to expand the horizon of perception and gains more access to the wealth of memories that is within every one of you as part of the soul. This allows access to past life memories, but also may include visions of what may come. Please note that I said “may” not “will”, because you are free spirits, and those visions may be warnings, or advice, depending on the content, and give you the most probable course of events depending on certain decisions of those involved in the vision. To sense something shortly before the event is the beginning of this expansion of perception. There are terms for this in the universal language, but I am having trouble finding an appropriate word for this in the English language, so let us just call it sensing-the-future or vision. When it is seeing-the-future, I would call it vision. Telling-the-future should be the result of either sensing or seeing. This phenomenon should not be forced to come, it will come by itself as part of one’s development, when the time is right. Those that think they cannot wait still have one important lesson to learn – patience.

Question: I have always felt a group of “spirits” with me, from the time I was very young. I have always referred to them as my council. They have always been there to answer questions for me and to help me understand when things seem too confusing. As I get older, they seem to be more active and more focused on directing me in my spiritual growth and less tolerant with my “humanness”. Is there a reason they are being more active and is this something others experience also?

Greetings, dear sister! I can see these spirits around you, and this is not something unusual, each and every one of you has a spirit guide and numerous spirit helpers and friends. It is wonderful that you are able to perceive their presence. It seems to me that the reason for their increased intolerance for “humanness” is the fact that there is some increase in the urgency. With the transition into a new dimension in progress, the tasks at hand need to be taken care of and should no longer be postponed. It is quite common among humans to put things off as long as possible, and to convince yourself that it needn’t be dine at this time. This is not so – if there is a task that needs to be taken care of, it should be done right away – that is why it presented itself to you. This, my dear sister, does not only concern you, but many others as well – only they may experience this in a different way, by having to learn that they no longer can put things on hold, otherwise they will experience the consequences of their ignorance. As you may also say, it is an expression of cause and effect. The apparent reduced tolerance towards humanness is also the result of your own soul striving to reach your goal of self-realization.

Question: Thank you for being here: I have lost my passion and joy in life. I do so much ongoing spiritual work, and I keep trusting my path, yet I continually feel lack of desire, results and enthusiasm. Every direction I turn, I feel blocked. What’s going on with me?

Greetings! I can feel your aggravation, it appears to me as if you want everything to happen much quicker, and because spiritual development takes time and patience, especially patience with yourself, you feel you are standing still. This feeling seems to be a major cause for your loss of joy in life. It seems to me that this is not unique to you, but there are many others as well, so it is nice that you brought this up. Learn to live for the present, learn to enjoy the present, learn to find joy in life through the light and the love which you are able to bring into this world. True joy is from within, not from external stimulation. Open your heart, and you may realize that shining out love and light brings a joy that is beyond all earthly enjoyment. It is an important phase for your development, realize that many are struggling, with their beliefs and with their world view, as well as with life itself. You are on your way, and you are being guided to reach your destination, concentrate on the now and observe what is happening when you shed the light. This may help more than you can imagine right now, and above all, be patient with yourself. Be blessed!

Question: Hello! Thank you for your invaluable help. Can I perform the three-light protection on someone else, for instance my children?

Greetings, this is another important question. The triple light protection is intended for personal use, however when you wish to protect close loved ones like your own children, it is possible to do this either with them, if possible, or for them as well, but when you only do this for them, you need to be aware that the effect will not be as strong and as long lasting. It is a wonderful idea to help your children this way and you have my blessings.

Question: how can I contact my guide … I’ve tried everything but have had no success … please help …

It appears to me that you concentrate very strongly and try very hard to get a result. Let go of wanting to achieve something here – only in a state of relaxation, especially of the mind, is it possible to learn to hear the quiet voices within. Another source of blocking yourself is continued doubting, which comes from the mind. While it may not be possible to stop thought coming in this manner, I would suggest to be patient, be more relaxed, and focus on something positive when attempting contact, picture yourself going to a nice place in higher astral realms, a beautiful scenery of your liking, and picture yourself meeting your guide there – but again let me remind you to let go of trying to force anything here, when the time is right you may actually be surprised that it’s happening and working for you. Let go of expectations which only lead to frustration, which is a great blocker. Enjoy the time you have, being closer to your higher self and maybe feeling or even seeing the presence of your guide. This can then develop into a good connection to communicate with your guide. Be patient, and it will come.

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