4.5 – Lightwork: For Healing

Jesus Christ used energy of light to heal, and for a long time there have been humans that have used energies for healing. In many parts of the world there are healing circles and healers that use light, a pure energy from God, to treat primarily physical ailments. However, there are some big differences in which energies are used and how they work, as well as the type of energy and their source.

Many healers that have “magnetic” hands use their own energies and are weakened through the healing work, others work more or less as a “channel” for divine energies. Often there is an energy exchange between healer and patient, so that this is not just an application of energy.

In recent times there have been organizations who made widespread promises that they use pure life force for healing, but many misused teachings and symbols so that their strength and power was reduced, because healing or treating with light or life force is much more than charging or channeling energies that somehow flow through the hands of the healer. When a healer of the light agrees to be a channel for energies, then through his willpower and his laying on of hands almost nothing is happening, except maybe an exchange of human energies. The help of healing angels is necessary, because they guide the light to the healer and through him to the patient. Only with their help strong light healing can take place.

There are many different energies, just as there are many different colors. Just the way it is with colors, different energy has different qualities. Therefore even among those healers, that work as a pure channel, there are big differences, because different energies are used, that have different effects. There are also some differences in the quantity, because not all healers have a wide open flow of energy. Actually all humans have a channel for energies, but it is closed up for most of them. Therefore there are some holy initiations through which humans are able to clean these channels and open them up for the flow of energies. Then it is necessary to be trained in the proper use of the energies. For that one should visit a teacher of such energy. But choose your teacher wisely, because there are many different schools, and some have become useless because of misuse by its practitioners. The healing angels do not like the misuse of their help and have left those schools so that the healing energy among such schools became weaker and weaker.

Be cautious of schools that ask great material sacrifice, because true teachers of the light do not request a fee. Talk about an energy exchange with the help of money for the initiation is total nonsense, because the energy comes from God and is free and available for a good cause. Of course a compensation to the teacher is in place, as long as it is not causing a high material sacrifice of the student. Some people misuse the healing energies to gain a significant financial profit, which is why healing angels turn away from them. There should be voluntary gifts to the teacher as a token of appreciation, in the amount that the student values the teachings and initiation, but the requests for large sums of money is a misuse of the energies. I am explaining this here in great detail, because this is an important point that has been misunderstood many times and has caused good things to get polluted and eventually loose strength.

For more information on “healing” see chapter 9, “Disease As A Way To The Light”.

One response to 4.5 – Lightwork: For Healing

The issue of money is complicated in regards to healing. I lean toward healing only for love offerings but I have also discovered that for some people “love offering” means “free,” and if they have the belief pattern that “you get what you pay for” their ego will block any benefit.

So it’s a case by case thing. There is a story of a man who came to a guru for healing. The guru told him to travel to a faraway land and climb a mountain to a spring, then return with the water from the spring. After he did, the healer blessed the water and told him to drink it. He was cured instantly. Then the healer confessed that there was no special healing power from the water, that he could have been healed simply by that one word of power from the blessing on a glass of water from the tap, but without the investment in his own healing that the man made by his journey, it would not have been received. The journey invoked the man’s own power of faith.

I have also had clients tell me that they could not have received as powerful of a healing if they were not paying for it because they feel guilty getting “something for nothing,” and that allows the ego to block the healing. I think in the end there are no hard and fast rules — we need to be present to that individual who is coming to us for assistance in their healing and listen to our inner guidance from Spirit.

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