4.3 – Lightwork: For Earth And Mankind

Through a simple exercise you are able to have an advantageous influence on history and the development of mankind, even if this may seem impossible to you. Of course those that have a lot of power over others have their free will, just like you, but it is possible to have a positive influence on their decisions, as well as help mankind in general and raise its vibrations. This might seem impossible or even strange to you, but there are many decisions in the history of mankind that were made by a single person and through this decision history took a certain course. Through this you can see that one single person can have a major influence, but you need to realize that individuals do not need to have a political, religious or official title to have great influence. Decisions of those, who history focuses on, were often made in such a way that it almost could have gone the other way. Through light work it is possible to influence a lot of these decisions to guide them into better direction, so that politicians or other people in key positions may be helped to make decision from a higher point of few. Often it is very hard for those people to make a decision, and such seemingly little and invisible influences like light work can become the deciding factor – as the course of history is the result of mankind’s consciousness and thoughts. By improving mankind’s consciousness and thought patterns, an influence on the course of history can be exercised by every individual human being.

Of course what really counts is not to have a positive influence on history, rather to help raise the vibrations of mankind, to help with its development and ease the transition into the new age. Rest assured, that you yourself as a single being can have an influence on mankind, because all the energies that you send out to mankind will reach their target and are not in vain. More and more human beings are guided to start using light work, so it becomes a combined effort that gets stronger and stronger and will have an increasing effect.

Begin your light work for earth and mankind with the threefold light protections (see chapter 4.1), then you widen the light that you have formed inside and around you and shape a dome of light around your house. Let this dome grow until the village/town/city in which you live is within this dome, and light reaches all beings in this dome. You widen this dome further, until the whole country in which you live is filled with light, so that you send light to all humans of your country, but also to all animals, plants and other living beings. The dome of light increases in size and covers the whole continent. Now the light, that comes from God and is sent out by your request, reaches all beings on this continent. But the dome keeps getting bigger, reaches other continents and the oceans, and finally expands to be a giant sphere around all of earth, her atmosphere, and all beings on her, with a harmonizing and uplifting effect. By sending light to earth you help her with her transition, she has suffered some damage through mankind and now can use your help with this transition. Through this simple exercise you are at the same time able to do your share to help mankind’s development.

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Is the simple goal to live spiritually in the physical existence? It is easy to be spiritual when you are a spirit. I used to say it is easy for a monk to sit in meditation on a mountain somewhere but try raising a family and living in a suburb being all peaceful and wise. I moved to the country after my kids grew up. Next stop light body/creator/guru.

I believe that to achieve this stage in your life, you must be detached of hatred and be filled of good will unto mankind. Like CAri mentioned above, it is not an easy task.It demands a lot of willpower and love for your fellowmen, like Christ and the messengers of God have. Most of us are not capable to act like that without losing our patience at certain level. It might be easier for single people with no attachments to this world, like a family to support, to achieve this task; they may have the time to concentrate on that. But we, as a whole, must try to not take revenge on negative deeds from others. We should pray for God’s assistance so we can deal with life reality; you must be a martyr in the path of God. That is why many religions recommend meditation.
Even Christ stayed 40 days in the dessert to prepare Himself for what was awaiting Him as a Messenger of God. But do as much as you can do, but do something good every day to someone.We must not forget that everyone of us has a good side and that we must exercise that side in order to keep it strong.

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