13. – Meditation

The large number of various kinds of meditation may be confusing when searching for a way. There is not really any “wrong” or “right” method, because there are many paths to the goal. Meditation is not a prerequisite for the spiritual development, but one of many tools.

However, meditation is a very effective tool, and has been used in different ways by many humans in various parts of the world for thousands of years. Its use has been especially common in the so-called “eastern” religions. Today, many people in other parts of the world are beginning to recognize the value of meditation. In a broader sense, religious songs, mantras and prayers are a special form of meditation.

Whichever form of meditation is chosen, it involves going inside, finding the self, meeting the true being. Some methods try to put thought aside to reach a level of consciousness above the mental level, while others involve guiding thought to reach higher levels. Each method has its own advantages, but it appears to me that guiding thought to reach a higher level of consciousness would lead to a higher “thought-free” level, and is easier to master. There should not be any attempts to force yourself to stop thinking. When thoughts come up, they should simply be observed, and with some patience and practice they will be less and less.

Of course everyone needs to find the right meditation technique for oneself. To give you a recommendation – not a general rule -, “light gate” or “light tunnel” meditations are advisable, as stepping through light in a meditation has a cleansing and vibration raising effect, which is the ideal beginning for a deep meditation. This is accomplished by beginning with the triple light protection (see Chapter 4.1), then stepping through a gate of light or a tunnel of light. On the other side you find yourself at a beautiful place, a mountain or a meadow, a river or a beach, or whatever may appear, where you can meet with your spirit guide and/or guardian angel.

You should be the one to decide which method of meditation is best for you, let your heart be your guide. It may be that you change the method a few times, but don’t simply “try out” a number of methods. Decide with your heart, and when an inner change urges you to switch to another method, then follow your heart.

Wherever and however you may be meditating, always remember to use the triple light protection. Then you will find the right path and promote your spiritual development.

2 responses to 13. – Meditation

Greeting! I was blessed with ‘hippie’ parents who instilled much if these teaching, and more importantly, instilled that all answers were within.
A few years ago I suffered an injury, which lead me to a manual physical therapist who taught me how to meditate to communicate with my body and healing.
While doing so, I would often feel a dizziness come over my body- as I was laid flat on my back, the dizziness was a spiral effect like a roller coaster and then horrific childhood memories surfaced. She referred me to a therapist who said she had seen this often with patients with post-tramatic stress and se recommended that I stop meditating. I feel that all the bad memories have know been surfaced and deal with. So I am beginning work in this area again.

I must add that during times of meditation I see repeated circles of light that start from the edges of my vision and continue to become smaller and disolve in the area of my third eye. This happens to me more and more, even instances of relaxation as I close my eyes. I often see faces and bodies moving about within this tunnel of ever moving light.

I have always felt more open than those around me, I seem to feel more, and have heighten awareness of things. I have some visions and have communicated with loved ones who have passed on- as they visit me in my sleep, and I can sense their presence. I don’t sleep well, haven’t in a few years, and sometimes drink wine to help me fall asleep; when I do I speak other languages in my sleep. I have always been told I speak in ‘tongue’ and partake in active communications when I sleep. But as I get older I am told more an more that it is multiple languages, and it scares Those around me. I am contacting you because something is telling me I should. .

Recent pictures revealed 3 blue orbes around me. I know I am blessed and hb always know of our evolutionary changes and glory to come. I am accepting, listening, acting when I see fit


Thank you for this site and it’s guidence. If there is anything you would like to share with me, or advice to give on my meditation attempts, it is appreciated.

I look forward to meeting you in the next relm!!!

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