12. – Vibrations

In the elementary sense of the word, vibration is an oscillation, which means a “back and forth” movement. In the universe of the Creator everything is governed by vibrations and has been created through energy vibrations. With other words, the universe consists of vibrating energy, and all worlds are made of this. Even that, what you call firm matter, is nothing else but vibrating energy, that was tuned to a specific energy level so it could have certain qualities. Even your scientists, especially the quantum physicists, have recognized this, so this may not be anything new to you, but the consequence of this is that everything is made out of the same source. This source is not atoms as formerly assumed, it is vibrating energy. But just as your scientists know, energy is indestructible, but can be changed (compare to Chapter 1.2.3). This is an important realization, because this is the basis for the spiritual path, as this means that your soul can raise its energies and experience other levels of existence.

Out of this some conclusions can be drawn that are important for the spiritual path. In the following, let us take a closer look at these conclusions.

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