11.4 – Extrasensory Feeling

I want to use the term “extrasensory feeling” for the ability to perceive, “feel”, astral beings, various levels of the astral body (e.g. the ethereal body or the emotional body) or sense thoughts or feelings of other beings, without the manifestation of those thoughts as one’s own thoughts, often on a nearly unconscious level. Here I want to differentiate from telepathy and “mind reading”, as this is not the transmission of thought, rather the transmission of emotions. This “extrasensory” sense is available to all humans when they are ready to open up to the spiritual path. This ability describes the perception of parts of the aura (own or of other beings) as well as emotions. This explains why some humans nearby some others can observe various feelings – well-being, readiness for friendship, however also rejection or threat. It is important to learn how to deal with these feelings. This means, to register them, but not get into them or even get lost in them – simply to observe and then let go.

Some humans have developed this ability very well and can feel the aura with their hands, some healers even developed the ability with powers similar to telekinesis to make changes in the aura and thereby cause changes in the physical body. Others use dowsing rods to explore astral fields (e.g. geophysical phenomenon like electromagnetic field lines or waterline disturbances). The use of tools such as dowsing rods and pendulums for the exploration of the astral levels is a good way to sensitize and train this ability. With progress in the spiritual development this ability improves, too.

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