11.3 – Telepathy And Telekinesis

Telepathy is not the same as, but similar to, clairaudiance. During clairaudiance thoughts are received which have been sent out. Telepathy is the directed conscious transmission of thoughts of a sender to a recipient, the “mind reader”, that plays an active role. As thoughts are mirrors by our aura, especially the mental body, it is possible to perceive these thoughts when trained for this. It is also possible to transmit thoughts to others. As long as this happens with both persons’ agreement this is in harmony with God’s plan. Clairaudiance can be understood as a telepathy with that astral being who sends thoughts to a human recipient, without bridging a large distance, which is possible with telepathy. Telepathy is part of God’s plan because it gives us all a way to communicate. In darker times of mankind telepathy was misused for mind reading (without the permission of the person whose mind was read) which is why most humans are hardly able to use telepathy. In the original sense telepathy was supposed to be communication with one person consciously sending thoughts, the other person consciously receiving them. This allows long distance communication. With spiritual development it is possible to regain this ability and thereby get in contact with spirit beings.

Telekinesis is another previously misused ability. Telekinesis is the power to move or change matter. Originally humans were given this ability, until it was misused and is now only present in few humans. There are some that have the ability to use telekinesis to demonstrate through “miracles” that there is much more to the surrounding world than that what can be seen and explained. Also here are some cases of forced use and misuse. Also this ability can be learned for proper positive use at the right time by those that are on the spiritual path.

Neither telepathy nor telekinesis are a purpose of the spiritual path, however these gifts will be given to those who through their spiritual development are ready and prepared. This should be understood as awards that do not have the purpose to be obtained, but will be available as a tool at the right time of the spiritual development. Anyone who has the strong desire to obtain these abilities is probably not ready yet, because this would mean that their purpose is not understood.

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