10.3 – Homosexuality

From a spiritual point of view, homosexuality bases on the fact that souls are sexless. For the stay on earth souls choose a sex that is most suitable for the specific tasks. Another contributing factor to homosexuality is that souls repeatedly may choose to be of the same sex, and when they then choose the opposite sex that the subtle memory of the preceding incarnation causes a continued affection for the sex that is now also their own. From a biological view there is no sense in homosexuality as procreation is not possible this way. Due to the sexlessness of souls there is basically the possibility of romantic love in any relationship, including with a partner of the same sex. Society mostly only accepts heterosexual love relations, and sees homosexuality as unclean an immoral. In recent years these morals have undergone some liberation.

From a spiritual point of view, it needs to be pointed out that for procreation a heterosexual relationship would be preferable, but human beings that decide for a homosexual or bisexual relationship should not be subject to despise or punishment. From a spiritual point of view, people have the freedom to choose their sexual preferences. Because of the significance of the sexes a heterosexual relationship is not only biologically more sensible, but also an energy complementation and should be preferred. There are tasks between the sexes that need to be experienced, which is only possible in a heterosexual relationship, while there are other tasks that can only be experienced in a homosexual relationship. It is wise not to judge those who practice homosexuality or have multiple partners, such as a man with two women or a woman with two men. As society progresses and develops, such forms of love and life shall become acceptable, and be no longer condemned, allowing every human their free choice.

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homosexuality is nothing more than a disease ; a psychological disorder. it may be explained something or other. opinions in medical world is also divided because of western culture influence.its only the result of certain situations like broken family in perticular. Its strange to find kind of discussion about it & justifying it spiritually but true is point that anything can be argued in favour or against.Now a days its more of fashion to have an opinion in favour of them as people think that we are from modern times & western thoughts are symbol of modernised lot.But if this continues in this direction then those poor homosexuals will never get an oppurtunity to be normal human beings. this disorder is completely curable with precise kind of treatment avialable. please try & spread this message for those poor people suffering from it to get them self treated properly.its curable. Dont have to hate them but just enlighten them. Its my request to all of you to spread this message across the society for future of civilisation of mankind. Its painful for parents of those homosexuals too & try to avoid it happening in your own near & dears.those wish to know more about it or discuss this any further are welcome [even for a debate] ….. dr sanjeev.

It’s not necessary we all fit in to a neatly formed box as you so aptly describe Dr Sanjeev. Just imagine for one moment you were homosexual or if you had kids and they were having those relationships, now, I’m guessing how you would feel is in fear, so the bottom of this wordy paragraph outburst is fear and misunderstanding. I believe it’s fear that is a psychological disorder and a very contagious one as that – not how people choose to be. As much as this is true is also as much as is true that other states such as happiness, curiosity, awe and laughter are highly contagious.

Suppose your meaning of ‘cure’ is for those individuals to live in unawareness and live out the thoughts that others wish, then it’s more they have chosen to ignore how they truly feel and can never truly be happy. What is considered ‘normal’ is merely a concept as to what is considered what the ‘I’ or individual self does from day to day as a usual. Just as you have chosen to create your own reality around you for purposes of this existence in the now, others are also happily creating their existence and as the famous Sir William Shakespeare said “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.”. So maybe one day you’ll wake up and open your eyes to the world and become aware as you gain more understanding and move beyond fear.

Dr. Sanjeev says, “…those poor homosexuals…”. The truth is, I feel most sorry for people like Dr. Sanjeev. So unenlightened. So lost. I just don’t get it. The Universal Law is – “Do no harm.” Just WHO are homosexuals harming? Not all humans walk the Earth to procreate. In fact, I am also a medium and channel the words of the Archangels. I am heterosexual and happily married to a beautiful enlightened man. We have no children, and that has been our choice. We all have a purpose in life; a path. Not all of those paths include bearing children. In fact, “creating” can be achieved through many forms, including great works of literature, brilliant musical compositions, or any number of additional methods of artistic expression serving to bring joy and light to humankind.

One cannot be enlightened and so full of judgement both. Light=Love. Dark=Fear. It’s that simple.

Abraham-Hicks says homosexuals are enlightened in that they defy quick classification and strive to be leading edge creators possibly more so than hetrosexuals. To label homesexuals as anything other than being okay is thinly disguised homophobia; if not bigotry.

Homosexuality is definitely not a disease. Even the American Psychiatric Association put out a position statement in which they said that it is not a disease, and that genes are not responsible for homosexuality.

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