10.1 – Abortion

Abortion is a forceful termination of human life – regardless of the age of the embryo. In the moment of conception, a soul is present, which begins to connect with the cell material, otherwise there would not be new cell creation and growth. By the time you call this new life an embryo, a soul has already bonded with it. Thus, abortion is the destruction of human life – and there is a soul behind that tiny body, who is experiencing this destruction.

Many on this earth say that they have the right to choose. Of course you do. You have the right to choose safe sex. You also do even have the right to choose abortion – however, you must be aware that this is the same right of choice that any human has – and that there are consequences to your actions. Choosing abortion is choosing to kill another human. While this may be legal or not in the society you live in, you need to be fully aware of what abortion means, so you can make a wise choice.

Of course there will be those who say that under certain circumstances an abortion is justifiable or “right”, for example, after rape. Please consider these thoughts: Human life is a gift, and it was also created by the mother – beyond the biological aspects – there were aspects within the mother that provided the creation, through her thoughts which became action, creation. It is advisable to accept this gift, and allow the arriving soul (who chose you) to grow into this body and grow up, regardless of who the male was who provided the sperm – or, to terminate this life, with the consequences that may arise, for example emotionally. Yes, you can choose, so choose wisely.

Sexual activities have consequences. Therefore, it should be dealt with responsibly.

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I agree with above. But it’s a sticky subject of course. If the mothers life is in danger then it would be justified I think because if the mother wasn’t protected the baby would die anyway. The might might decide to try again with the same mother if it wasn’t the mothers fault and the loss of the baby cause suffering the family.

Abortion for it’s own sake I think is totally wrong. Get rid of the child just because you didn’t want it in the first place. Why didn’t you practise safe sex and be sensible towards your partner and yourself? However, bringing an unwanted baby into this hard cold world where a child needs love and support to face life, is also very wrong.

It has to be a personal choice YES. But education is OH SO important. If you don’t want a baby use a condom or other means simple as.

Kind Regards

I loved the teachings of this channeling until it came to abortion, sex, and homosexuality. I would believe that channeling would not discuss certain social issues. That would come from guidance of ones own guide or the God within. It appears to me that the channeler is mixing their own views into these matters.
I believe one that is channeling should be careful more so than others who dont have the ability to express only non bias, non judgemental thoughts that come in.

The teaching concerning the purpose of the light bearer to help raise the vibrations of the earth through spreading light is the teaching that affected me – reminded me of my purpose – and gave me a renewed strength and path to take. For that I am full of gratitude.

Hello Barbara,
I cannot guarantee that the channeling was 100% free of coloring, no medium can. However when I channeled this back in 1996 I asked spirit to touch these subjects that most mediums won’t touch, as I wanted to have more clarity on this subject for myself, and thought others might be interested in this too, which is why I included this here. As the answers received do not fully reflect my personal opinion at that time – in part even today I personally disagree, for example my personal view on homosexuality is a strong “let everyone do as they want as long as they don’t hurt anyone” yet spirit suggests that it is not only a question of free choice, but much more complicated and also an issue of yin/yang or female and male energy complementing each other and giving specific tasks to learn.

I am glad to hear that a few chapters that did not agree with you did not deter you from receiving some benefits from the teachings 🙂 As spirit always says: Accept what rings true with you, and let the rest be.

Light & Love

I am confused. I thought the consensus among channelers was the Soul entered the human body between 3 months of birth to 3 months after birth?

Hello Paul,
I am not aware of any consensus, I simply forward what spirit gives me, regardless whether it might disagree with what someone else channeled or claims to have channeled. As mentioned above, no medium has 100% accuracy.
In regards to this matter, spirit explained elsewhere that the first connection is made right at conception, but that the soul is not 100% connected to those two cells, of course, basically is just present. But as the embryo grows, the connection of the soul with the physical body grows, too.
Light & Love

This does not sound like something the “God” would be concerned about. As humans in this form of existence, we have the gift of free will. This whole entry has gotten a little too Republican/Christian for me…and I doubt spirits and Angels are representatives of either party.

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