Address of Sep. 05, 1999: Reflecting The Present

by archangel Zadkiel

Greetings, dearest friends on planet earth! The time has come to reflect upon your life, less on the past, more on the present. Reflecting about the past can be helpful, but easily leads to emotionally re-living, and lingering in the past. None of these two are of any help, quite to the contrary. It has been said to you several times here, that it is very important for you to focus on the present, and at these confusing times, it is even more so. Reflecting on your current situation is a vital tool to become more centered with time, to learn to live in the present, not in the past, or in the future. It is not wrong to reflect with detachment upon the past, or to plan for the future, as a matter of that, that is very important as well. However, the focus should be always on the present situation, as this is where you can make a difference, and where you can bring about change for the positive, where you can change your course. Only by changing your course, can you make a change for what you perceive from your environment. Change starts with you. If there is something in your surroundings, in your environment, in that what you perceive from your life, what you do not like, do not try to change your perception, that what you see, but begin within yourself. What is within you, is mirrored by what you perceive and see in your life. Thus, the cause of that what you do not like in your environment lies within yourself. The more you dislike something, the more it arouses your emotions, the more this is a signal to look inside and reflect upon what may be the cause for this. Observe yourself carefully, let go of seeing the fault somewhere “out there”. You are not a victim of outside forces, but of what your mind makes of your perception. This may be very hard to accept for some who read this – it is up to you to reject or accept what I say, but I wish for you that you take some of your time to consider my words, and maybe reflect upon them in a meditative or calm state of mind and emotions, and then decide if you want to discard what I said, or embrace it. If you can feel that there is truth in what I said, I recommend that you begin to practice living by these words. You will soon see a change in your life, getting yourself into a more fulfilled and joyful life – it will still be work, you still have problems to face and solve, but you will feel less burdened, and more joyful in tackling your situations. May you be blessed! Greetings to you, dearest friends on planet earth! Amen. Amen. Amen.

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