Lesson 30: A Rock In The Sea

by archangel Zadkiel

Greetings, dearest friends on earth! I greet you as brothers and sisters, as friend and in the name of your guides and guardian angels. I have come to you on this day, as times in the near future will become more tumult and confusing, more burdening and frustrating, for many of those incarnated on earth. While those that are well prepared and ready for these challenges will find these times less stressful and can see the cleansing effect that is passing over mankind and earth as a valuable tool for getting ahead on your spiritual journey, and through this acceptance will see that this is truly a blessing of fundamental nature. Others, especially those who resist, will struggle severely. I am telling you this because I want you to be aware of what may come, so you can be prepared not only spiritually, but also mentally. When strange things start happening around you and to people near you, learn to be like a big rock at the beach – the winds may be fierce, the waves may be high and hard-hitting – but they only affect the weak at mind, not the devoted to God, trusting in Him and faithful to Him. This is a very important step, a very important phase, for your soul’s development – be aware that this is an opportunity not just of a lifetime, or century – not even just of the millennium – rather of an entire age, which lasts hundreds of thousands of years to come. Here I have something important to say – you are not here by chance, but because you have earned it through the hundreds and thousands of incarnations which have refined your soul and gave you a wealth of experiences, whose riches have taught you the lessons needed to “graduate” from the current level of existence. You can truly be glad that you were allowed to incarnate on earth at this time, and if your life is hard, then this is a good sign that you are working out some final tasks and lessons that you need to advance – this is why so many are experiencing hardship. It is time to change the attitude towards hardship and welcome it as an essential ascension tool – the more you can accept this, the easier your progress will be. Resistance against your own path will only slow you down, by accepting it you are accelerating. By realizing this, you can become like this rock in the rough sea – your rock is your faith and trust in God, the greater your faith, the larger the rock – and that much less you will be affected by the storms ahead. While these storms are not necessarily physical (in some regions they may manifest as such) but in many different shapes and forms, the basic idea remains the same – cleansing you from the old and unnecessary, which is quite liberating, and will later be seen as such. This process may also be seen as a “final gradation exam”, but I prefer to see it simply as a test of your true faith. Blessed be, greetings to you all, dearest friends! Amen. Amen. Amen.

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