Healing Circle

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God please give me a sign of what am i supposed to do i know he cares for me but thats not enough i need fidelity i need him to stop his flirting….please god take away this hurt…heal me god im becoming a nervous breakdown hes hurt me a lot and i cant keep crying anymore please god show me the way m so lost i have no confidence in myself help me find myself again.also please help me forgive parry for the hurt hes caused me.its been 5 years we together please heal both of us and let us grow stronger towards each other and you and please let him stop flirting

yes please help heal me from depression weight control finicial hardship bring better luck paranoid shcizophrenia multiple personalities as I well help heal other in return for your help in healing me Im a very old n powerful witch i can help n heal other just not myself I appreciate the help

Blessed Be
Lisa Hazen

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