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I Mariana, I assume you are concerned about the invasion of the security of your thoughts/feelings/spiritual existence. First, let me tell you about whaty MY experience is as a gifted person as this may bring you some peace. I am clairsentient and empath. I also recently began automatic writing without the intent to do so. I can tell you that for me, I only pay attention (and therefore am able to read) people when they are in contact with me and the proposal of a friendship, buisiness plan, or a romance is being pursued on either part (usually, I dont fall into having to read them more than passively if I am pursuing them, because I can feel pretty quickly if it’s a safe step or not. I read THEM more intensely if they THEY are comming close to ME and for some reason, this seems to be automatic for me…Im not so clear as to whether I am acting out of pure gift or if it is dogma fear of some kind:). I typically am able to clear whether or not they have a general good intent or not…most people do not have malicious intentions but some are self-centered, have a sense of entitlement over what is not theirs, etc…and I avoid these people hands down. Basically, as far as reading information that is personal, not harmful to me or someone in my circle, and which privacy over this info pertains to the SAFETY of the individual being ‘read’, I can not read into that because spirit protects that individual (and rightfully so). It is not my spiritual buisiness perse, so it is not my right to know that information if I can not turn that into positive action for others. I am not certain if all channelers and/or those with psychic gifts would agree with me, but my world if full of these people and I would bet most of them do. As far as an individual readin any information that comes through and using it to manipulate or threaten the other person unjustly, this does not happen often. The ‘gift’ is rarely, rarely, rarely bestowed upon a negative soul. God is far more intelligent than that. In rare circumstances, good souls can use the gift immaturely here and there, but typically dont ruin lives with it. As far as a person going to a psychic to get information on the other person when that person is fullfilling thie purposes in life (i.e. being a good indivudual), it is not typical practice for readers to feed a negative source info about another person that can destry a good person’s life. The power comes from God, and God does not break for jerks! However, there are some negative energies that can cause a breakdown in our auras and energy patterns, and negativity can come through where it is not supposed to. This is a source of iritation for the higher power. Believe me, he gets ticked off at this stuff cuz it is counter-productive to his creations but it’s like a fly that can’t be caught. It goes off and hides then comes back in another part of the room or on another day. In end, those ‘flies’ eventually get a final swat…then another eventually comes along and aggitaqtes someone else! These negative forces are an irritant but YOU are stringer because you are on the right team my friend! Fear not longrun for the serious stuff (you are OK if you are just a good person), but if you are in fear for your safety/privacy and feel it is not being protected (and negative energies out there are bothering you by allowing a reader to read your ‘stuff’ or y just hanging out with you when they shouldn’t), there may be a breakdown of the person’s safety system with their angels and spirit guides. This is not supposed to happen, so I would pursue some meditation and prayer to call upon help for protection. It is not diffucult to realign one’s ‘army’. A little bit goes a long way and it is powerful. Hope this is helpful:)

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