Questions & Answers Part 2

This page provides answers to general questions.
Question: In your opinion are breakthroughs of insight and revelation received due to a spirit guide sending thought images to us or are most of these insights found within ourselves as a matter of course once we start thinking along spiritual lines. My dear friend, this is an interesting but yet complex issue. My answer, however, needs to be that it is both. There are many cases where breakthroughs of insight come about through inspiration from spirit guides, yet in many other cases it comes through the increased connection with the intuitive, merging with the intellect. In the end, we are all connected spiritually and it is therefore not that important where the thought originated. Question: What happens if it’s definitely not a suicide attempt, but you feel you can’t go on, but are too stubborn and have too much pride to do anything about it, and have faith in God Greetings, it appears to be that you feel that you are crushed by the load that you have chosen for this lifetime, would like to “bail out” but your faith holds you back. The best way to handle the clogged situation would be to begin handling your problems, one at a time, beginning with some of the easier ones, working your way up to the bigger ones, and to do some soul searching – so that you can learn to appreciate what you have achieved in this lifetime, to appreciate that you have the opportunity of having this life, and to learn to love your life, unconditionally. You can handle this, otherwise you would not be in this situation. You need to also remember that you have at least two very valuable spirit friends on your side, your spirit guide and your guardian angel, they are always on your side. This may be a good time to realize that they are with you every step of the way, and you can rely on your spirit guides advice and guidance and your guardian angel’s protection. You can go on, be brave and trust God who has sent you these personal spirits to be on your side. Be blessed! Question: I need some guidance to the understanding the death process, grieving and dreaming of events that actually happen and life after death contact process Death means leaving the physical body and ethereal body, but remaining within the emotional, mental, higher mental, intuitive and causal bodies – therefore, death is not as severe as many think. Death is also birth – you awaken in the spirit world, see your passed away friends and close ones if they haven’t reincarnated yet, and you meet your spirit guide and guardian angel. They will go over your life with you, and help you understand it better, and what you have learned from it.- Grieving is mostly an expression of loss, for you cannot very easily communicate with the ones that passed over, nor see them with your physical eye, nor touch them. Amazingly enough, however, a lot of times the souls stay around for a little while, but all of them need to eventually go to the light. The sooner they are let go, the sooner they can go to the light. Some don’t even have the desire to go to the light, but most do, and many go straight to the light, to the spirit world. Remaining in the “in-between” astral world happens more often to those that have a sudden death and don’t want to accept the fact that they no longer have a physical body. – Dreaming of events that actually happen is a way of your spirit guide to show you that there is more to life, to give you some “proof”, that there are things beyond that what science can explain. It may also be a warning of what may come, if the dream is of a negative nature, or provide guidance to where you should be heading, if the dream was positive. Dreams are really too complex to give a brief answer here, but these are the main reasons for having dreams that come true. – Many humans desire contact with those that have passed over, as a result of their feeling of loss, sometimes guilt. It is not that advisable to attempt this, this has to do with what was written above, as some souls are not yet all the way in the light, and you can also easily subject yourself to negative, low spirit beings, which can be very dangerous. I recommend not to try to contact anyone that passed over, instead it would be better to contact you own spirit guide, and ask him or her how that friend or relative is doing. Question: I have heard contradictory information regarding the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. I understand the issue of discerning information but both accounts seem to have merit. Please tell me your account of this event. I cannot determine at this point which is the contradiction you are referring to. Christ Jesus was sentenced to be nailed to a wooden cross, and that is where he experienced what you call death. He later returned to his body to bring teachings and prove that there is life after death, and to demonstrate ascension. Question: Hello I would like to know what is the difference between soulmates/lifemates? How could you tell if someone has met his/her soulmate/lifemate? Also any other info. regarding soulmate/lifemate by the higher sources would be nice. God Bless. Dear friend, I would describe a life mate as a friend on the soul level that accompanies you for your life time, and you may be together with in other lifetimes as well, as friends or acquaintance. A soul mate could be rather described as a soul that is much more than this, and you meet in many lifetimes, this can be as a life mate, but also in other family or non-family relations – as father, mother, close friend, special teacher, there are many possible cases. More often, however, a soul mate is a close friend soul incarnating to be mate, but I am trying to bring across that it does not have to be as a mate for this life, and there will also be incarnations in which soul mates never meet, because they chose different paths and tasks for those particular incarnations. Question: Is there any significance to who a person’s spirit guide is? Is it usually someone who had a close connection to you in their earth life? As a soul, there are many friends on the spirit level. One of these spirit or soul friends, who is most suited for the tasks that you want to accomplish in this lifetime, one who has experience in handling the kind of problems you are choosing as a soul for this life time, will come forward, or you may request this spirit. Often, these are spirits that you have met in previous lifetimes, and therefore are familiar with you and can best advise and guide you. There is little significance in who this spirit was in previous lifetimes, the particular wealth of experience and their role as mediator between you, your soul and the spirit world is what matters. You have one spirit guide for this entire incarnation, however additional helpers may join you for particular tasks in addition to your spirit guide. Question: What is it called when someone can tell the future or sense something shortly before it happens? This phenomenon can easily occur when the human being begins to expand the horizon of perception and gains more access to the wealth of memories that is within every one of you as part of the soul. This allows access to past life memories, but also may include visions of what may come. Please note that I said “may” not “will”, because you are free spirits, and those visions may be warnings, or advice, depending on the content, and give you the most probable course of events depending on certain decisions of those involved in the vision. To sense something shortly before the event is the beginning of this expansion of perception. There are terms for this in the universal language, but I am having trouble finding an appropriate word for this in the English language, so let us just call it sensing-the-future or vision. When it is seeing-the-future, I would call it vision. Telling-the-future should be the result of either sensing or seeing. This phenomenon should not be forced to come, it will come by itself as part of one’s development, when the time is right. Those that think they cannot wait still have one important lesson to learn – patience. Question: I have always felt a group of “spirits” with me, from the time I was very young. I have always referred to them as my council. They have always been there to answer questions for me and to help me understand when things seem too confusing. As I get older, they seem to be more active and more focused on directing me in my spiritual growth and less tolerant with my “humanness”. Is there a reason they are being more active and is this something others experience also? Greetings, dear sister! I can see these spirits around you, and this is not something unusual, each and every one of you has a spirit guide and numerous spirit helpers and friends. It is wonderful that you are able to perceive their presence. It seems to me that the reason for their increased intolerance for “humanness” is the fact that there is some increase in the urgency. With the transition into a new dimension in progress, the tasks at hand need to be taken care of and should no longer be postponed. It is quite common among humans to put things off as long as possible, and to convince yourself that it needn’t be dine at this time. This is not so – if there is a task that needs to be taken care of, it should be done right away – that is why it presented itself to you. This, my dear sister, does not only concern you, but many others as well – only they may experience this in a different way, by having to learn that they no longer can put things on hold, otherwise they will experience the consequences of their ignorance. As you may also say, it is an expression of cause and effect. The apparent reduced tolerance towards humanness is also the result of your own soul striving to reach your goal of self-realization. Question: Thank you for being here: I have lost my passion and joy in life. I do so much ongoing spiritual work, and I keep trusting my path, yet I continually feel lack of desire, results and enthusiasm. Every direction I turn, I feel blocked. What’s going on with me? Greetings! I can feel your aggravation, it appears to me as if you want everything to happen much quicker, and because spiritual development takes time and patience, especially patience with yourself, you feel you are standing still. This feeling seems to be a major cause for your loss of joy in life. It seems to me that this is not unique to you, but there are many others as well, so it is nice that you brought this up. Learn to live for the present, learn to enjoy the present, learn to find joy in life through the light and the love which you are able to bring into this world. True joy is from within, not from external stimulation. Open your heart, and you may realize that shining out love and light brings a joy that is beyond all earthly enjoyment. It is an important phase for your development, realize that many are struggling, with their beliefs and with their world view, as well as with life itself. You are on your way, and you are being guided to reach your destination, concentrate on the now and observe what is happening when you shed the light. This may help more than you can imagine right now, and above all, be patient with yourself. Be blessed! Question: Hello! Thank you for your invaluable help. Can I perform the three-light protection on someone else, for instance my children? Greetings, this is another important question. The triple light protection is intended for personal use, however when you wish to protect close loved ones like your own children, it is possible to do this either with them, if possible, or for them as well, but when you only do this for them, you need to be aware that the effect will not be as strong and as long lasting. It is a wonderful idea to help your children this way and you have my blessings. Question: how can I contact my guide … I’ve tried everything but have had no success … please help … It appears to me that you concentrate very strongly and try very hard to get a result. Let go of wanting to achieve something here – only in a state of relaxation, especially of the mind, is it possible to learn to hear the quiet voices within. Another source of blocking yourself is continued doubting, which comes from the mind. While it may not be possible to stop thought coming in this manner, I would suggest to be patient, be more relaxed, and focus on something positive when attempting contact, picture yourself going to a nice place in higher astral realms, a beautiful scenery of your liking, and picture yourself meeting your guide there – but again let me remind you to let go of trying to force anything here, when the time is right you may actually be surprised that it’s happening and working for you. Let go of expectations which only lead to frustration, which is a great blocker. Enjoy the time you have, being closer to your higher self and maybe feeling or even seeing the presence of your guide. This can then develop into a good connection to communicate with your guide. Be patient, and it will come.

11.2 – Clairaudiance

Another form of extrasensory perception is the reception of thoughts that are sent by spirit beings. This “clairaudiance” can be the receiving of thoughts and distinguishing from personal thoughts, or even seemingly hearing with ears.

A human being that is developing spiritually can train this perception and get in contact with the own spirit guide, the guardian angel or other astral beings. Clairaudiance is a different (extra)sensory perception than clairvoyance and can be developed independently. Higher developed human beings have the ability to both clairvoyance and clairaudiance, although the presence or absence of these abilities is not a meter for the level of development. What matters is the development of these “spiritual senses” (any extrasensory perception: clairaudiance, clairvoyance, feeling of astral energies) from the inside as a result of the spiritual development.

Some humans have developed their clairaudiance so that they can speak out the thoughts of spirit beings as if they were their own and thereby become the voice for some spirit beings. Such people are called medium, channel or psychic. Some humans are conscious of the process, while others leave their body as if they were asleep or in trance and allow a spirit being to enter the body for a while. Another form is called “writing” where the channel writes down the thoughts of the astral being – some receive the thoughts and consciously write down the words, others have the feeling that their hand is being moved by another force. The formal details are not important, what is of importance is the fact that there are these possibilities to get in contact with the spirit world.

5. – UFOs And Extraterrestrials

These days people talk more and more about UFOs and extraterrestrials. As there are some misunderstandings and lack of information, I want to devote this chapter to this topic.

UFOs and extraterrestrials have been in contact with mankind for a long time. Already in the previous age there has been a lot of traffic between this planet and others. There are some planets that are, just like earth, at the present in the third dimension, who have however developed their technology further and have the means for interplanetary transport. Actually, many different cultures have visited your planet this century, dozens of planets have sent their spacecraft to earth for various reasons. As mankind has changed a lot during the last two centuries through the industrialization and technological development – which was seeded by cultures from other planets -, and the role of mankind on this planet changed, there has been an increased interest from beings of other planets. Since man tried to go into space, and space travel and exploration began, this interest increased even more. The world wars and the cold war also caused attention, especially for beings of low moral development.

The beings that came to your planet may be higher developed in technology, but also some races came to you that were on other areas way behind the development of mankind. There are beings, that know nothing about moral, cannot distinguish between light and dark, but also beings that know nothing about emotions, and beings that were on various levels of development in a number of aspects. Some treated the human races on earth like laboratory animals, that can be used for medical research just like your scientists use animals. Other beings saw mankind as a warehouse for genes and gene manipulation, tried to combine their DNA with human DNA to incorporate human qualities into theirs. There are numerous reports about such beings in your media, many books have been written, even though many authors are unaware of the true background.

However, not all beings that come to you have such low intentions. Some simply came to observe you, without influencing the course of your development. Others even come to you to help you in your development of spiritual growth. In various parts of the world there has been contact between well-prepared humans, some even were taken by higher developed beings to other planets to receive teachings. This has taken place in previous times, too, but in the present it is happening at an increased rate to help mankind with the transition into the fourth dimension. There is actually a lot of space traffic between earth and the home planets of those beings, but this traffic cannot be observed much because the spacecraft of these beings are on a higher level of existence and therefore are invisible to the human eye under normal circumstances. Those beings are working hard to prepare the arrival of mankind in the fourth dimension, and try to assist in various ways. These beings you need not fear, but if you ever come in contact with extraterrestrials you need to be cautious and you should find out what level is the source of these beings. Beings with good intentions always leave you your free will and will not perform any un-requested medical examinations on you. Remember the threefold light protection (chapter 4.1) and ask your guardian angel for help!

Additionally I want to refer to the fear of alien invasion. There actually are imperialist races that wish to conquer earth – but the more you fear such an invasion, the more likely it becomes, as your fear sends out a message to the cosmos, which can materialize. Do not worry about your safety, because you are well protected from any invasion of imperialist extraterrestrials. There is an alliance, a federation of beings from many planets and moons, who are servants of the light, beings on the path of the Lord. This confederation has made it its task to protect earth from these dark forces until it can stand for itself, and has the power and strength to protect you from an invasion. Even though this might sound a lot like your so-called “Science Fiction”, may I ask you where all these authors get their fantasies for their books? A lot of these books have been influenced by actual events, as all events are connected and all events send out vibrations, and therefore in a way the message of an event can be received anywhere in the universe, which explains clairvoyance. There are some Science Fiction authors who let themselves be guided by such vibrations, and actual events became material for their books. Of course such books are not a detailed accurate account of actual history, but history was an influence, an idea. In the same way authors of fairy tales were influenced by such vibrations, through other creatures that exist on other levels of existence, also on earth.

Questions & Answers Part 1

This page provides answers to general questions.
Question: Please tell more about twin souls My dear friends, twin souls are created when a soul decides to split itself into two halves to create more experiences by having two incarnations simultaneously. Not all souls are permitted to do so, and after some time these souls reunite on the spirit level. When the two halves incarnate, they may meet – but it is not necessarily the romantic way some have thought. The two twin souls may be in a family relationship, in an employer – employee relationship, and, yes, they could meet in a marriage, or they could never meet during that incarnation. The phenomenon of “twin souls” has been mistaken for what I would call “soul mates”. When “soul mates” meet, this can lead to an especially harmonic relationship. Question: Can you offer spiritual enlightenment to a recovering drug addict? Dear friend, many that become addicted to drugs, alcohol or something else do so because they lost their purpose in life, lost their sense of direction, and seek comfort through escaping their daily reality. When you begin to walk the Path Of Light, you need not fear, and you can be confident that you are on the right path for your soul, you can even let go of fear of returning to drugs. Drugs are an escape, but when you realize the meaning of the Path Of Light, you will also realize that an escape is no option. Just be patient with yourself, love yourself, regardless of what you may regret in your lifetime, after all, God loves you, so why can’t you? Question: About spirits of people who passed away: Do they come to visit us? Greetings, dear friend! Those that recently passed over into the spirit world often return to the location they used to live at. The connection of love is strong to those that remain. However, they need to get on with their existence, too, and after a few months visits will become less frequent, and may cease after a few years if they choose to reincarnate again. So, if you can sense the presence of a loved one who passed away, it is probably not just your imagination – they are present, and you can feel their presence. Question: About life on other planets: Is anyone out there to help in our growth & to take care of mother earth? There are several species involved with earth. Some are curious, others see earth as a laboratory supply, but there are also those that definitely are helping mankind. Although this may be hard to believe, there have even been battles in space between some that feel responsible for your well-being, and evil forces. There is a federation of peaceful, spiritual species in this part of the galaxy, that will not allow any major harm to come to you. They, however, cannot prevent occasional intrusions of individual spacecraft who conduct experiments. This federation is primarily in the fifth dimension, which is why you cannot see them, and why never any spacecraft has been seen or found from these brothers and sisters. They are, however, capable of making contact to some individuals to aid in teaching those that are ready for such contact. At this time, it is still very rare, but will increase in the future when the transition has progressed more. They are quite involved at this time in aiding earth with her changes, and have helped with the preparations. Question: I would like to see a chapter on babies and young children who make transition. It is just as much possible to make the transition into the spirit world or into a higher dimension for a baby or child as it is for any one else. To most humans, the tasks a soul has chosen are unknown for optimum realization during the lifetime (otherwise, it would be like going to a test and knowing the questions beforehand). Some souls choose a very specific task, to be born for a number of reasons, and when that purpose is fulfilled. Some times a soul offers to help another to learn a lesson, e.g. to learn the value of life, by being born as a child to the other soul and leaving the physical plane shortly thereafter (e.g. sudden child death syndrome or even being stillborn). In some cases, the child has this experience to go through to learn the last missing lesson to make ascension. Question: Can someone please help find out detailed info on Zadkiel. The archangel Zadkiel is assigned to assist mankind in the spiritual development. Alongside with archangel Gabriel and archangel Michael this archangel coordinates efforts to steer mankind into the proper direction, as well as introduce new ideas and thoughts, new concepts into man’s way of thinking to allow gentle guidance. For thousands of years this angel has accompanied the souls that form today’s mankind. A few times, Zadkiel has come to earth in human form, incarnating to be among man and to observe, to learn about being human, to be able to better understand what it means to be human on earth and through this experience better assist mankind. These lives are not well known, for it was intended to be so. Zadkiel tends join mankind in human form when critical situations arise, to introduce thoughts directly as a human. Question: How can I help friends who are always angry at life in general, to make their perception of change not as severe. I ask this because i love them. Please help! Thank you and God bless all My dear friend, many of your fellow humans are in a state of confusion and working on sorting out their emotions which are quite often in a mess. They can only work this out for themselves, although sending them the White Light will help them to be a guiding light, so they can see deep within themselves where they need to go. Another ways would be to be a good example, by pointing out the bright sides of life, showing that life can and should be appreciated. Blessings to you and all of you. Question: Ok, I really need some info on Telekinesis I’m really interested in in and Telepathy I’m trying to find a lot of info so I can learn as much as I can. If you could please send me some links or info I would GREATLY appreciate it. Thanks!! All you need to know at this time is in chapter 11.3 in this book. There is no need to learn to do telepathy or telekinesis and if you keep trying before the time is right you will either fail or only succeed with the use of forces that are not good for you. When the time is right, it will fall into your hands and you will see that it is very easy and there is really nothing to it. Be patient, and concentrate on more important issues to enhance your spiritual growth, that is the true way to obtain telepathy and telekinesis, but not for these as a purpose, but to allow your soul to unfold at the right pace. Question: I am a believer in spirituality, guides, etc. And interested in pursuing further. I am Jewish and I know that my religion supports the premise of spirituality and existence of soul beyond physical death. My question is, with reference to the “light”, it is often referred to as the “Christ Light”. The obvious dilemma for me is that I do not believe Christ is the Messiah. I am very secure in my spirituality and belief in Judaism, and believe that I should be able to access the “light” within the context of my own religion. I need to feel comfortable that I will not encounter any obstacles because of my religious beliefs. Any thoughts or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Dear friend, spirituality is not linked to any particular religion. The terms used refer to a certain quality that with the experiences of many of the viewers of this script would best describe what is to be said. The term “Christ Light” could be replaced with “Divine Light”. Whenever you see the term “Christ” on this site, please see it as “Divine”, as it is to describe a pure energy at its highest form. Question: Thank you for the opportunity to ask this question! To the extent that celestial worlds are visual as opposed to existing purely in non visual environments (associated with more developed spirits), to what extent do such worlds reassemble our images of heaven, paradise etc? My friend, it is almost impossible to describe higher realms yet the celestial worlds with words. How can I describe something that has no words in your languages? Words are based upon experience, that is how you learn them when you grow up, or upon knowledge – neither experience nor knowledge can be used to describe the celestial. Therefore, I must say that the common opinions of what heaven looks like is definitely only, as you say, the tip of the iceberg, but the way it looks from a mile away in fog – with other words, most images of heaven are only representative impressions and not a true picture. Question: Hi I am trying to figure out how I’m supposed to forgive a man who killed my brother while drinking and driving and not admitting to it and still has not even had a court date to pay some sort of punishment, it’s been 5 months and it’s really hard to know how to direct this spiritually. I believe if he would have admitted it to show some sort of respect for my brothers body it may be a little better but when I think about it I get so sick and blocked with emotion and have had a panic attack those really frighten me and I need to be together for myself and my family. Any advice? Thank you. My dear friend, this is a situation that may be particular to you but yet it represents one very difficult aspect that needs to be learned, and this aspect is unconditional forgiveness as well as letting go. To unconditionally forgive someone is difficult to learn when emotions are not let go yet. Begin by allowing your emotions to come, do not suppress them – then they will only burst out -, but let them go away as soon as they come. Work with the white light here, send white light to all that were and are involved in the incident, and concentrate while light around you and especially in your solar plexus area. When you have learned how to handle your emotions, you can begin to forgive unconditionally by sending light to the person you are trying to forgive, and picture yourself talking to that person and telling him that you can and do forgive him. You may have to do this a number of times, until your forgiving is from your heart, unrestricted and without accusation and conditions. It is important that you go through this process of forgiving, because as long as you cannot forgive, you keep yourself tied with this person through karma, and these ties can slow you down dramatically, that your life can be influenced on many levels and come to a stand-still until you let this other person go by forgiving him. Question: My daughter and a friend took some pictures. They had scanned them onto the computer and one of the pictures they magnified it and there is a picture of a face looking over my daughter’s friends shoulder. You can’t tell it from the original picture only once it has been magnified. I was wondering how do i find out who/what it is? Is it safe to talk to him? How can I get him to talk to me? I have had 2 instances of having visions once when I was a child and the other time a year or so ago where I was sitting outside on my deck and I looked up and all these children were standing around me. I have since learned they are all parts of me that have needed to share their truths with. I was wondering could this man in the picture be a spirit guide? From what I perceive, I would agree that this image represents a spirit guide, it seems to me to be the spirit guide of your daughter. It is possible but rare to capture the image of a spirit on a photograph, this usually only happens when it is necessary to point someone’s attention towards the spiritual. Maybe this is something you can contemplate on. Question: Does everyone have spiritual powers? Yes, every one is spirit, incarnated on earth to make human experiences, so there is no reason why spiritual powers would be available to some and not to others. The extent they can use them varies due to their experience, confidence, and perception. Question: What does it take for one’s light body to merge with self? Increased spiritual awareness, active pursuit of the spiritual development of oneself, and a raise in vibration level lead to the conditions that greater unity is obtained between body, emotions, mind, intuition, and soul. This greater unity can be experienced as described in the question, especially during times of inner calmness or meditation.

11.1 – Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is the ability to see some areas of the astral world. Some human beings, through their spiritual growth, have been able to learn to see frequencies that are not visible to most humans. Often clairvoyance begins with the ability to see ethereal bodies of beings. This is often called “aura reading” although the ethereal body is only a minor part of the aura. Of course observing the ethereal body can be very helpful in disease analysis, however in a way the ethereal body is a mirror image of the physical body and this “see-through” body makes it possible to some humans to see the inner organs and other parts of the ethereal body as if the body was made out of glass.

The ability of clairvoyance can be developed to various degrees and extend past seeing the ethereal body. Parts of the spirit world may be observed, and there is a larger number of humans who are able to see some spirit beings, e.g. souls of humans or other beings that are currently not incarnated, and there are some humans who are able to see other areas of the human aura, mostly the emotional body and in some cases other higher bodies.

Some humans have the strong desire to be able to see such areas. Although it is possible with some special exercises to promote the development of these (extra)sensory perceptions, the spiritual development of the human, and the cleansing and strengthening of the chakras is the only suitable way for the soul to open up the third eye which makes clairvoyance possible. Forcing to open the third eye is something dangerous for the unprepared soul and does not serve spiritual development. Be warned of hallucinogens, these may rip open the third eye with consequences for many incarnations.

Among Native American and other indigenous peoples there has been limited use of hallucinogens for spiritual purposes. Their use was in accord with an older wisdom and at the right dose for prepared persons (e.g. medicine men or shamans) it has usually been without harm. It is then mostly used as an aid to strengthen the clairvoyance ability of the shaman. Be warned of misuse for other purposes and improper use, as this can forcefully open sight into the lowest realms, where there are demons and similar creatures, and may cause very severe harm to the aura.

4.5 – Lightwork: For Healing

Jesus Christ used energy of light to heal, and for a long time there have been humans that have used energies for healing. In many parts of the world there are healing circles and healers that use light, a pure energy from God, to treat primarily physical ailments. However, there are some big differences in which energies are used and how they work, as well as the type of energy and their source.

Many healers that have “magnetic” hands use their own energies and are weakened through the healing work, others work more or less as a “channel” for divine energies. Often there is an energy exchange between healer and patient, so that this is not just an application of energy.

In recent times there have been organizations who made widespread promises that they use pure life force for healing, but many misused teachings and symbols so that their strength and power was reduced, because healing or treating with light or life force is much more than charging or channeling energies that somehow flow through the hands of the healer. When a healer of the light agrees to be a channel for energies, then through his willpower and his laying on of hands almost nothing is happening, except maybe an exchange of human energies. The help of healing angels is necessary, because they guide the light to the healer and through him to the patient. Only with their help strong light healing can take place.

There are many different energies, just as there are many different colors. Just the way it is with colors, different energy has different qualities. Therefore even among those healers, that work as a pure channel, there are big differences, because different energies are used, that have different effects. There are also some differences in the quantity, because not all healers have a wide open flow of energy. Actually all humans have a channel for energies, but it is closed up for most of them. Therefore there are some holy initiations through which humans are able to clean these channels and open them up for the flow of energies. Then it is necessary to be trained in the proper use of the energies. For that one should visit a teacher of such energy. But choose your teacher wisely, because there are many different schools, and some have become useless because of misuse by its practitioners. The healing angels do not like the misuse of their help and have left those schools so that the healing energy among such schools became weaker and weaker.

Be cautious of schools that ask great material sacrifice, because true teachers of the light do not request a fee. Talk about an energy exchange with the help of money for the initiation is total nonsense, because the energy comes from God and is free and available for a good cause. Of course a compensation to the teacher is in place, as long as it is not causing a high material sacrifice of the student. Some people misuse the healing energies to gain a significant financial profit, which is why healing angels turn away from them. There should be voluntary gifts to the teacher as a token of appreciation, in the amount that the student values the teachings and initiation, but the requests for large sums of money is a misuse of the energies. I am explaining this here in great detail, because this is an important point that has been misunderstood many times and has caused good things to get polluted and eventually loose strength.

For more information on “healing” see chapter 9, “Disease As A Way To The Light”.

18.2 – Healthy Food

The first step towards a healthy body is a healthy diet, to give the body the right building blocks to maintain the human organism. Human cells are constantly exchanged, within a few years all molecules of the human body have been replaced, so that through a change in diet very fundamental changes are possible. On a molecular level it is possible to raise the vibrations of the physical body through intake of higher level food. These times it is difficult for humans in industrialized countries to receive truly high level food, which would be able to raise the vibrations of the physical body. Much food has been limited and polluted in its vibrations through the “modern” farming and marketing methods.

Here a few words about meat and fish: Food that comes from a dead animal is loaded with very low vibrations caused by the moment of forced death, and carries emotions of fear and terror which can be transferred to those that consume body parts of these killed animals. These emotions are easily transferred and are a burden to the soul.

Food which comes from the living animal (milk products), is not loaded as much with heavy emotions, but through the modern animal keeping methods there are no high vibrations in such food, especially since such sources are not intended by nature for human consumption – cows’ milk, e.g., is for calves, and its composition is optimized for these life forms, but not for humans.

Eggs are no chickens, but this is also not originally intended by creation to be human food. Just as the raising of cow, cattle and pigs is a disruption of nature by humans, disrespecting the rights of other life forms, treating them as if they were slaves. Products of such sources are not filled with high vibrations, mostly with the opposite, which is also why meat eating life forms are more aggressive than vegetarian ones.

But which food is high level? First of all, wild fruit, that nature intended to be food and have no other purpose than procreation of the plant. When consuming apples, pears, cherries, plums etc. the procreation does not get interrupted, assuming proper disposal of the seeds, returning them to nature. Such food is in total harmony with nature, and contains a large amount of nutrients. This is the best and highest form of food, which is why a large amount should come from these sources. To complement the food requirements, vegetables can be used (preferably ones that are essentially fruit, like tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber, egg plant, peppers etc.), but also leafy plants (lettuce etc.) and root vegetables (carrots etc.) contain many important nutrients which are necessary for a balanced diet.

However, through modern farming of vegetables and fruit these food sources are not as high as they used to be, as the use of chemicals disrupted nature and disturbs the harmony of nature, which lowers the quality of farming produce. The less chemicals are used, the higher the energy value of food, thus food from organic farming is recommendable.

11. – Extrasensory Perception And Forces

Human beings received various sensory organs for perceiving the various areas of their environment. These areas of perception are very limited, but sufficient for human life on earth. Other beings have other areas of perception, e.g. bats and dogs can hear different frequencies than humans. Snakes and insects also perceive other light frequencies than the human eye can see. The light frequencies visible to the human eye are only a small part of that what surrounds you, as your scientists can tell you, too. In addition to the visible light, there are X-Rays, infrared light and those frequencies that transmit radio and TV broadcasts, and there are many more, yet undiscovered finer light frequencies, that are hard or impossible to detect with physical means. The spirit world consists of such invisible and undetectable frequencies, just as the frequencies of worlds on higher levels including higher developed beings from such planets. Because of the limited ability for perception and influence on the surrounding frequencies, it is however possible to develop the senses that are able to perceive other areas, and have an influence on them.

4.4 – Lightwork: For Dissolving Karma

As mentioned in chapter 2 about karma, there is the possibility to take an active, conscious role in dissolving karma. Through sending light into those past, present or future situations and events, which can cause tensions or cause the outpour of disharmonious energies, it is possible to reduce or even eliminate the effect of these energies. The following exercise allows such a positive influence on the karma that you are connected with. The facts of that what happened cannot be changed, but you are able to change the effects of this event through light work. Sending light into this situation leads to a raising of the vibrations so that the effect of the event in the present and future can be changed, because you send light to the situation and the participating beings, and love is light, which causes a change in the tension.

Of course you will not be able to resolve all karma completely with this exercise, but you can relieve yourself of some of the load from these energies and prepare the path to resolving it, and the solving itself will be eased. Some karma may even be totally dissolved with this exercise, especially with karma that exists because of energies you spilled and are now a burden to yourself (e.g. jealousy, hatred), especially if these tensions are only affecting you and have not caused any tensions with other beings.

You start this exercise with the threefold light protection, as described in chapter 4.1. You may use this exercise as part of your meditation, as long as you use the recommended light protection. Begin by picturing the situations that burden you, whose memories arouse low emotions inside of you. Observe these emotions, and immediately send light to them. Send light to the whole situation, all participating beings, and the events that led to this situation, as well as the events that were caused by it. Consider the lasting effects, and send light to theses effects. Do this with every situation that comes to mind. The way these situations come to your mind has a meaning and is not at random, remember what I said about “coincidences” in chapter 1.3. Everything has a reason, also the selection and order of these situations that you are “treating”. Observe how your feelings towards these situations change through this exercise. When you feel that this situation no longer raises any lower emotions within you, and you accept the event as simply a situation which allowed you to experience life and relations, then you have made a big step toward resolving this karma, towards freeing yourself from it. The tension energies can be changed and no longer burden you. You can do this exercise daily to free yourself from some of the karmic load to help your spiritual development. But do not try to treat too many situations at once, it would be best to treat only one at a time until it has been dissolved. This may sometimes take several days or even weeks, depending on the circumstances of this situation. Afterwards you can continue with the next situation that comes to mind.

18.1 – The Importance Of Care Of The Human Body

You were given a physical body for this life, which in its variety, complexity and functionality is an excellent tool. But the physical body is more than a tool, because it became part of your existence. Although this aspect of your being is only temporary, for the time of this incarnation it is an important part of you.

For each incarnation you only receive one physical body, varying in detail, depending on the tasks you scheduled, programmed for certain abilities (like they say, “it’s in the genes”). Regardless of the tasks it is important for everyone to maintain the physical body and keep it in good condition. As your soul is connected with the physical body, disharmonies and blockages within the soul have an effect on the physical body as described in chapter 9, but this effect is not a one way street. When a human being mistreats or neglects the physical body, this can have an effect on the soul. This occurs especially when a human purposely damages the body or has someone damage it (e.g. masochists). Such a behavior leads to deeper psychological problems affecting the soul, even though the original cause may have been psychological but can also have been caused from mental planes (e.g. curiosity). Here you can see the connection between all parts and aspects of the human being. However, in this case an action on the physical plane has an effect on the physical body which loops the effect to the soul plane, causing growing confusion and destruction of values and morale, engaging in a feedback loop involving this human more and more until possible total destruction of the physical body. This is only an example regarding masochism, but I need to point out that this effect begins when less dramatic actions are taken that have self destructive or at least self damaging consequences. Among such are the use of drugs, but even so-called “harmless” drugs like caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. These have destructive powers which will also affect the soul level and disturb the harmony of your soul. Other causes of effects for your soul through the physical body are unintentional, negligent destruction of body parts or their over exhaustion. The latter does not mean that the physical body should be not used physically or that strain should be avoided, because the physical body can only remain healthy when exposed to regular, but moderate physical exercise. From what I said it should be clear that it is of great importance to keep the physical body as much as possible in a good condition, as damages and negligence can have an effect on your soul.