12.1 – Changes Of The Vibrational Level

Through the realization that energy can be changed, we can draw the conclusion that energy can change its vibrational level. Such changes in vibration can occur in various ways. For the spiritual path it is important to realize how such changes can be caused. Through regular spiritual work and entering the Path Of Light, the energy level of the human being gets raised. Light work and a virtuous life are the path to the light, the path of complete fine tuning of the energies of the human soul.

The spiritual path is the way for positive changes of the vibrational level of the human soul. However, there are other life forms that can change and raise their energies. We need to realize that everything is energy, and even planet earth is energy. Actually, planet earth is not “dead” matter but a life form, like all planets. This being, “earth”, is now in the process of entering the next dimension, entering the next higher level of energy. This transition results in some changes for mankind which are frequently reported and discussed in spiritual and other circles. This was already mentioned in chapter 1.4.

Conscious changes of the human vibrational level are possible with the use of spiritual work, which however cannot be mentioned in this book as it needs to be taught personally by spiritual teachers. It is possible for any soul, to reach higher levels of consciousness through meditation, and regular light work will have a lasting positive effect on the energy level. Regular “trips” to higher planes through appropriate spiritual work aids in this process and promotes spiritual growth. However, this should be done with caution, and the triple light protection should be used. Most spiritual work can be done by oneself, however for someone unexperienced such “trips” to the spirit world should in the beginning be under the guidance of a good, experienced meditation teacher.

9. – Disease As A Path To The Light

Many people see disease as a punishment by God, others see it as terrible fate, and most humans would say that disease is an uncomfortable experience that should be avoided by all means, and its symptoms should be fought.

This opinion is regrettable, because disease is something totally different than commonly believed. What is expressed by a disease is an acute sign of a disharmony in the human body. Mostly caused by karmic reasons (of this or, in some cases, a prior incarnation), an imbalance of the energy states has an influence on other areas of existence and finally shows symptoms as a disease in the material human body.

In a sense, diseases are alarm signals that point to a disharmony. Therefore it would be wrong to fight the symptoms as long as the causes for the disharmony are unknown – this is why medicine often fails and has side effects, because the disharmony just gets moved to another area and other symptoms or diseases will show. As long as the causes of the symptoms have not been recognized and worked on, any attempt for healing can only have minor results. Of course not all the details and circumstances of the cause have to be known, but it is important to realize that there are karmic reasons whose details are not necessarily important. Only this way a holistic healing can take place that actually dissolves the disharmony. Fighting the symptoms, like modern medicine does, is not very successful despite of all the technical advances, because the human soul is ignored. The doctors are not considering that the body belongs to a soul, is a tool of it, and that this body reflects the condition of various soul aspects. When you look in the mirror and want to change something of that what you see in the mirror, you would not get very far if you tried to change the mirror. Only superficial success would be possible. It is the same with the treatment of the human diseases. The treatment of the body is like a change with the mirror, there is only superficial success, the true causes remain untouched and continue to be a restraint, this disharmony disturbs the development of the human soul or possibly even brings it to a halt.

But what is a holistic treatment of diseases from a spiritual point of view? First of all, disease is an important alarm signal; a deadly disease is the final, ultimate alarm. Diseases can be avoided when the human being is on the spiritual path and has learned to observe his development so that early warning systems for a disharmony are recognized and thus the disharmony can get dissolved in a spiritual way.

1.2.1 – The Illusion Of Matter

Before God created the world, there was only energy. Matter came out of energy, the relation between matter and energy was also brought to you by Albert Einstein’s famous formula:


Energy equals mass or matter, with the relation of a constant factor. Energy and matter can therefore be exchanged (this is the basis for nuclear power plants). Therefore the basis of all matter is energy, and when we look at matter’s smallest ingredients then even your quantum physics has realized that matter in essence is nothing else than energy that has been arranged in a certain way. On an atomic level the building blocks of matter is almost completely empty, as your scientist have discovered, too. An atom really consists only of energy which moves reacts in such a way, that in combination with other atoms it appears to be “firm” matter or “mass”.

This means, and Einstein’s formula points to this, that matter or mass is nothing else but energy, which shows itself in a special way to form this physical world that you know. However this means that what you call matter is only an illusion, because it is not as firm as you normally assume. The “firm” matter consists of “emptiness” and twirling energy, which can change its state and loose its apparent firmness. Even though the condition of this illusionary world is very useful so you can live your life on earth and to give it a certain structure, a frame, that gives apparent limits, it is necessary to become aware of its consistence for not falling into a wrong belief about matter. Material things are useful in your life, but only as long as they serve their purpose, and your purpose of life is not turned towards the material. But we will discuss the purpose of life at later point. For now we just want to realize, that the apparent matter is useful for your life, a tool, given to you by God – and it is not the purpose of your life to accumulate material things, which are just an illusion and would be of no use for you after leaving your material body (i.e. what you call death).

12. – Vibrations

In the elementary sense of the word, vibration is an oscillation, which means a “back and forth” movement. In the universe of the Creator everything is governed by vibrations and has been created through energy vibrations. With other words, the universe consists of vibrating energy, and all worlds are made of this. Even that, what you call firm matter, is nothing else but vibrating energy, that was tuned to a specific energy level so it could have certain qualities. Even your scientists, especially the quantum physicists, have recognized this, so this may not be anything new to you, but the consequence of this is that everything is made out of the same source. This source is not atoms as formerly assumed, it is vibrating energy. But just as your scientists know, energy is indestructible, but can be changed (compare to Chapter 1.2.3). This is an important realization, because this is the basis for the spiritual path, as this means that your soul can raise its energies and experience other levels of existence.

Out of this some conclusions can be drawn that are important for the spiritual path. In the following, let us take a closer look at these conclusions.

8. – The Sense Of Life

Many people have searched for the sense of life and expressed various ideas and philosophies. From a spiritual point of view the sense of life is explained in the great teachings. Every human soul was shaped in love by God out of himself and was given individuality, so that each soul can make its own experiences. This way God himself wanted to find out what it means to make different decisions, and what can be learnt from that and what behavioral patterns evolved from this. In a natural way hereby he created a great number of individual souls, that developed each in their own way. This explains why some souls appear to be higher evolved than others and some have even gone so deeply into low vibrations and followed temptations which led them far away from their goal.

A view of life results out of this, that is unknown to many people of these times, and is followed by few. This explains that and why human beings have permanent souls and why these souls keep incarnating on planets. This is to fulfill the plan of God, and the reason for life is the wish of God to split up a part of himself to create the creation in order to experience the multiplicity of individuality.

The creator gave all souls the wish for spiritual growth so that they return to him at the end of their voyage. This wish has been misinterpreted by some humans and led to egotistical behavior and the wish of collecting power and material items, because this wish for spiritual rising was modified to a wish for material rising, for fame and richness. This is not in the sense of the cosmic plan and will not lead to a spiritual goal, and the soul will have to realize this one day.

The creator not only gave all beings the wish for spiritual growth, which is the basis of humans’ search for spiritual knowledge and identity, but he also gave all souls the same basic conditions so that each soul has the same ability to develop. The creation of the souls with the right to free will and with individuality caused them to develop very differently through the course of the many incarnations. Some souls were very busy, recognized the right path and advanced quickly, while others preferred easier paths that were less productive, and yet others fell for the temptations of lower vibrations. However God is a fair God, and he created the laws that are the basis of the existence of all souls. One of the main laws is the law of karma, even though many humans cannot see justice in the plan of God, there is this cosmic justice.

Now is the time that more humans remember these cosmic laws, because a society that follows them has no violence and crimes, because they would all know that any violation of these laws would have consequences that cannot be escaped – and would realize that since God made us all out of himself, we are all part of God, we are all One, so what one does to another, is essentially done to themselves – and as much as we do not want to purposely hurt ourselves, we would not do so to another. Modern day crime rate is rooted upon the loss of moral – cheating, lying, betraying – and the belief of most criminals that they have a good chance to escape punishment. This may be true for earthly punishment, however the karmic debt will stay with this soul (see chapter 2). With the increasing deterioration of moral and spiritual values, crime rate increases. This is a sign to return to the true values that make the core of being human. In your core, you are love, you are light – you are divine, and it is time to realize this and live accordingly, instead of contradictory to this truth. Once you realize the truth, it is impossible to ignore it and act against it.

For the individual who reads this script it is important to realize that there is a deeper sense in life that applies to all forms of life. Besides this deeper sense there are the before mentioned chosen tasks that are specific to this or a series of incarnations of the soul.

1.1 – The Existence Of God

As a basis of all life we have to foremost understand that there is a reason for the existence of the universe and all life within it. Just as your scientists and your religions say, at the beginning there was only one. According to your scientists there had been a unity of original gases, a mixture of protons, electrons and neutrons. According to the bible, in the beginning there was “God”. Well, all this is right, at the beginning there was only one, the unity of the whole, also called “God”. But there is another basic law which we will deal with later in greater detail which says that there is a natural striving for broadening the consciousness, for reaching higher levels of awareness, a striving for experience. And therefore God created the universes, with all the galaxies with their solar systems and planets, and therefore the foundation for life on the planets was created. Thus, a balanced system was created by God with energy giving suns, which give the planets the right energy, and the planets were put on an orbit around the sun so they stay with the sun and all parts of the planets receive light in the predestined way. As the system of planets and the galaxies shows, with which precision and laws God created the world, you will be able to recognize that this perfection works throughout all of his creation. Also your physical body is a miracle, that God created, where so many building blocks work together in harmony to your service, and it is the same way with the animals, the plants and the minerals. All is life, all is harmony in itself and is part of a greater harmony, part of a greater life, of greater perfection, just as the cells of your body are put together by small parts, the molecules, which themselves are put together by atoms, and even these are put together by even smaller building blocks. All cells of your body result in your material body, which is, as we will see, also just a building block of your entire existence, and you are a part of mankind, which is part of planet earth. The earth is part of the solar system, the solar system is part of the galaxy, the galaxy is part of the universe, the universe is part of the total divine creation. What I am trying to tell you is not, that you are a small link in a long chain of building blocks, instead that you are an important part of the universe, which belongs to the whole and cannot be missing. And as God created the world out of himself, out of his own energies, you are also a part of God, like all of the creation around you. This is a very important point to recognize, because you have God inside of you, and even though you are a soul with your own will and individuality, you are still part of God.

Should you still have doubts about the existence of God, I want to tell you that it would not be possible to have this perfect universe without the guidance by an incredible intelligence, during its creation. Just alone the existence of this harmonic, detailed world, held together by perfect laws, is proof of the existence of God. Do you really believe that the world is a random “error”, as the scientists believe to be the cause for the “big bang”, the creation of the world? Do you believe, that further consequences of irregularities and errors caused the creation of the world and the evolution all the way to the creation of man? Your scientists say this. After the development of life, errors in the genes caused mutations and this is supposed to be responsible for the varieties of species. Do you not agree that this is even harder to believe than the targeted, planned development according to God’s laws? Even your scientists are more and more doubting, and some even started to believe in the existence of a leading force (God), because they have no explanations for the development any longer.

But what is God? He is not only the creator of the worlds, the leading hand in the development of life, the universe’s legislature, but much more. He is EVERYTHING that exists, and in the core God is pure energy, pure light, pure love, pure being. He is the beginning, he is the end, he is the present as well as the past and the future. Space and time are melted together with him, God is the force that keeps the universe together. Through his energies the world was created, and to him the energies will flow back, as they are part of him.

11.4 – Extrasensory Feeling

I want to use the term “extrasensory feeling” for the ability to perceive, “feel”, astral beings, various levels of the astral body (e.g. the ethereal body or the emotional body) or sense thoughts or feelings of other beings, without the manifestation of those thoughts as one’s own thoughts, often on a nearly unconscious level. Here I want to differentiate from telepathy and “mind reading”, as this is not the transmission of thought, rather the transmission of emotions. This “extrasensory” sense is available to all humans when they are ready to open up to the spiritual path. This ability describes the perception of parts of the aura (own or of other beings) as well as emotions. This explains why some humans nearby some others can observe various feelings – well-being, readiness for friendship, however also rejection or threat. It is important to learn how to deal with these feelings. This means, to register them, but not get into them or even get lost in them – simply to observe and then let go.

Some humans have developed this ability very well and can feel the aura with their hands, some healers even developed the ability with powers similar to telekinesis to make changes in the aura and thereby cause changes in the physical body. Others use dowsing rods to explore astral fields (e.g. geophysical phenomenon like electromagnetic field lines or waterline disturbances). The use of tools such as dowsing rods and pendulums for the exploration of the astral levels is a good way to sensitize and train this ability. With progress in the spiritual development this ability improves, too.

7. – The Chakras And The Bodies

The human soul is connected to more than just the material body. In fact, the human being consist of seven bodies.

  1. The most obvious body is the material body, that is on the lowest vibrational level.
  2. The ethereal body is on the next higher vibrational level. It bridges the connection of the material body to the higher bodies and helps with the control of the material body, as it maintains the energy level of all parts of the material body. Disharmonies of the material body are mirrored in the ethereal. The ethereal body is very similar to the material body in size and shape and extends only a few fractions of an inch (a few millimeters) outside the skin of the material body. For most people, this body is invisible, while some can see this body as a slight light around the material body.
  3. The third body of the human being is the emotional body. It’s vibrational level is similar to feelings. It reaches several inches, up to about two feet (20 to 50 centimeters), outside the material body. Also this body is invisible to most people, as its vibrational level is far outside the spectrum the human eyes can see. This body and all higher bodies can however be seen with the third eye*, but it usually requires a lot of practice.
  4. The “lower” mental body is on the fourth level. This is the vibrational level of thoughts and ego.
  5. The “higher” mental body is on the fifth level. On its level we find consciousness, ideas and the intellect. The third, fourth and fifth bodies are the ones that primarily do the processing of the experiences that we make through the use of our material body.
  6. The intuitive body is on the sixth level. As the name says, here we are on the level of intuition.
  7. The seventh body is universal consciousness and is frequently called the causal body. Together with the intuitive body it forms the higher self and the permanent soul. The causal body reflects all experiences and events that the soul has ever had. The universal consciousness includes the unlimited possibilities and is the link to God – it is not just a link, but a pure part of God within us. It forms the unity of the soul and testifies of the endlessness of space and time in which the soul exists. Hence, there is no real “limit” to the dimension of this body – it extends outward indefinitely. The drawing below, showing a boundary of the seventh body, merely symbolizes the denser, focused area of the seventh body.

seven bodies A sketch of the approximate dimensions of the seven bodies (size inaccurate and may vary) ___ = physical body ___ = ethereal body ___ = emotional body ___ = “lower” mental body ___ = “higher” mental body ___ = intuitive body ___ = causal body To allow the harmonic functioning of all these different bodies, and to allow the soul a temporary bonding with the material body, they are connected through seven energy centers, the chakras. The chakras are lined up along the spine and in the head of the material body. The chakras are located:

  1. at the tailbone
  2. on the spine near the top of the pelvis
  3. on the spine near the solar plexus
  4. on the spine near the heart
  5. in the neck
  6. in the center of the head near the forehead
  7. at the top of the skull

Each chakra has an important role for the exchange of information and vibrations between the bodies, e.g. a sensory perception of the material body will have an effect on the emotional and mental body. When the chakras are not functioning properly there can be problems with relaying some information, which can cause various problems, e.g. emotional problems when a human being cannot properly process physical contact because of a problem with the chakras. Also problems on the mental level can be caused, as the connection between the material sensory organs to the mental bodies can be disturbed. Many problems that show themselves in emotional or mental areas can be caused by chakra problems. These chakra problems can have various reasons, but most of the time it is an unbalanced spiritual development or karmic cause that disturbs the harmony of the chakras and the bodies. There are some healers that can help with such chakra problems, but the underlying problems need to be solved, because without solving the causes the problem will either persist or be moved to another area. The only way that leads out of this problem area is the Path of Light, because only this way the causes can be completely dissolved. For minor disturbances of the chakras the chakra exercise in chapter 4.2 can offer some help and flush out the causes so you can work them out. It is important to look at these problems in a holistic way, because when the causes get ignored they will continue to disturb the balance of the human being. Therefore regular light work (as shown in chapter 4) is necessary to overcome the disturbances, solve their causes and to prevent a shifting of symptoms.

In case of serious disturbances of the harmony of the chakras persistent spiritual work is necessary, but with a lot of regular light work even these can be solved. In some cases it may take years, or even decades, in extreme cases it could be more than a lifetime, until the causes and their effects on the chakras and the bodies are dissolved and harmony is restored.

* = The third eye is a non-material sensory “organ” that can perceive the astral world. In most humans, this third eye is closed and needs practice and spiritual development for opening and cleansing its pathways, to allow perception. It is linked with the chakra system. Through this link it is possible to perceive higher vibrations, like those from the higher bodies and other astral beings. The degree of how much the third eye is opened is not necessarily a sign for the spiritual level of a human being.


Be greeted, dear reader, as you receive these words! We are happy, that you have taken the time for yourself to take a look at this script and read these lines. You are beginning the journey to your Self, and to that, what many people call God. You are probably on the search for truths and on the search for the sense of life, and you have some doubts in your belief. I am Emanuel, a being from the heights of the spiritual worlds. I come to you to teach you about the spiritual truths and universal laws, which got lost for you in the course of the millennia. While the religions of your times are giving you some truth, a lot of it was falsified, changed, added and disposed. Now is the time that you rediscover the truth, so that you can go the right path. I ask you to read this script thoroughly, not to evaluate it right away, but let it work with you so that you can find out the truth for yourself. I don’t want to pressure any belief upon you, but simply give you the true answer to your questions. What you do with my answers is totally up to you. May you find the right path!

11.3 – Telepathy And Telekinesis

Telepathy is not the same as, but similar to, clairaudiance. During clairaudiance thoughts are received which have been sent out. Telepathy is the directed conscious transmission of thoughts of a sender to a recipient, the “mind reader”, that plays an active role. As thoughts are mirrors by our aura, especially the mental body, it is possible to perceive these thoughts when trained for this. It is also possible to transmit thoughts to others. As long as this happens with both persons’ agreement this is in harmony with God’s plan. Clairaudiance can be understood as a telepathy with that astral being who sends thoughts to a human recipient, without bridging a large distance, which is possible with telepathy. Telepathy is part of God’s plan because it gives us all a way to communicate. In darker times of mankind telepathy was misused for mind reading (without the permission of the person whose mind was read) which is why most humans are hardly able to use telepathy. In the original sense telepathy was supposed to be communication with one person consciously sending thoughts, the other person consciously receiving them. This allows long distance communication. With spiritual development it is possible to regain this ability and thereby get in contact with spirit beings.

Telekinesis is another previously misused ability. Telekinesis is the power to move or change matter. Originally humans were given this ability, until it was misused and is now only present in few humans. There are some that have the ability to use telekinesis to demonstrate through “miracles” that there is much more to the surrounding world than that what can be seen and explained. Also here are some cases of forced use and misuse. Also this ability can be learned for proper positive use at the right time by those that are on the spiritual path.

Neither telepathy nor telekinesis are a purpose of the spiritual path, however these gifts will be given to those who through their spiritual development are ready and prepared. This should be understood as awards that do not have the purpose to be obtained, but will be available as a tool at the right time of the spiritual development. Anyone who has the strong desire to obtain these abilities is probably not ready yet, because this would mean that their purpose is not understood.