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Founded on 02/22/1999

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The Webring will shut down on November 4, 2013

The Lightworkers Webring was created as a network of sites which promote a positive attitude towards ascension and wholistic healing with a focus on spiritual light work.

We welcome sites which positively relate to light work, ascension, angels, spirit guides, channeling, or spirituality. Your site must be in English or provide English pages. Bablefish translations or similar are insufficient.

We reject sites which have negativity, prejudice, violence, satanism, predominantly commercial or other inappropriate content.

If you operate a site that you feel should be part of the Lightworkers Webring, you are welcome to apply.

Step 1: Submit your site to the queue with the following form.

Step 2: Insert the HTML fragment supplied to you onto the page you registered (using a simple text editor or a text-based HTML editor). It is necessary to insert the code to the exact page you are listing in the submission, otherwise the automatic ring checker cannot find the code and will remove your site. Do not change the URL to another page after you have been approved, unless you move the HTML fragment as well! Otherwise, your site is subject to removal from the ring.

Step 3: E-mail the ringmaster () to add your site to the ring. If you don't email the ringmaster, you may not get added.

Note: If you don't insert the code within seven days after applying and notify the ringmaster, you will be removed from the queue.

Submit your site to the Lightworkers Webring
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Insert the HTML fragment in the HTML source code of the page you listed as URL. This fragment will be e-mailed to you within a few minutes after submission. If you use an online mail account like AOL or Hotmail, it is possible that this HTML fragment has been altered, but you can get it by clicking the "Get code" button after applying.

Please note: The fragment is ready-as-is for most sites. All necessary codes have been automatically inserted. Please do not modify the code. If you feel you should change the code, please check with the ringmaster first. Unauthorized modifications may be cause for disqualification.

Inserting the HTML Code on your page does not automatically add you to the ring. You must e-mail the ringmaster () who will check the code and site content, and if all looks fine, add your site to the ring.

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