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Healing Circle

2 Responses to “Healing Circle”

  • SHUNRENHU says:

    Eczema, Skin-Allergy, Residential State of Childhood Autism, Isomnia And Fatique.

  • kayphil says:

    God please give me a sign of what am i supposed to do i know he cares for me but thats not enough i need fidelity i need him to stop his flirting….please god take away this hurt…heal me god im becoming a nervous breakdown hes hurt me a lot and i cant keep crying anymore please god show me the way m so lost i have no confidence in myself help me find myself again.also please help me forgive parry for the hurt hes caused me.its been 5 years we together please heal both of us and let us grow stronger towards each other and you and please let him stop flirting

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