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What is channeling?

Channeling (UK spelling: channelling, also called psychic reading or channeled reading) is the reception of thought from the spirit world for the purpose of communicating with spirits (non-corporal entities, spirits of the deceased, or nature spirits) and angels. The person receiving and passing on the information is called medium or psychic reader. Some mediums go into a full trance, thus allowing the spirit to take full control over their body, permitting the spirit to speak through the medium directly. Other mediums use a meditative state to connect to spirit. Some of these use automatic writing, which is the process where the hand appears to move by itself to scribble words. Others use a form of telepathy, receiving thoughts from spirit in their minds; by sensing which thoughts are theirs and which are spirits, they learn to distinguish and can pass on the information received with just as much clarity. During this form of telepathy, most mediums merge their own aura (energy field) with the energy field of the spirit, thus achieving a good mental connection. Often not only thoughts can be transmitted, but also images and even feelings. Some mediums appear to hear voices which others cannot hear, it is not clear whether this is a physical phenomenon or a form of telepathy. While there are a number of talented genuine channelers with a good connection to spirit, some are not actually connected with the entity they claim to channel, instead they have been fooled by lower astral beings who pretend to be an angel or another higher entity. Messages from such entities can be identified by observing what they promote: If it is the ego (often giving the receiver messages that make them feel proud), the message is more likely to come from lower realms and should be dealt with greatest caution. If the messages rather promote deeper understanding, forgiveness, and love, it is much more likely this stems from higher realms. However it must be noted that a number of claimed mediums are fraud, sometimes using technology or trickery to convince their audience of their powers, which has damaged the reputation of channeling. Channeling dates back to early human history, as shamans have been using some form of channeling over millennia, and became popular in the mid 1800s. Some of the best known mediums are Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), Aleister Crowley (1875-1947), Jane Roberts (1929-1984) and Allan Kardec (1804-1869), who fathered the term “spiritism“.


Gerrit Jahn, born 1965, has been a practicing medium since 1989. He channels spirits from high levels who work as teachers, as well as some archangels, predominantly archangel Michael. The first group sessions were held in the early 1990, now he is working full-time as medium, healer and teacher of inner light meditation workshops, offering free access to a wealth of channeled teachings on this website, which was created in 1998 to publish some of the received messages that were considered to be important for the public. This also allows you to get an insight in the type and quality of the messages given, before booking a channeled reading. This is not a psychic reading service as you may have seen elsewhere on the web. You will receive honest advice from a higher spirit point of view, without being manipulative, without playing around with your ego. These channeled psychic readings are usually very carefully phrased to respect your free will, allowing you to choose. Should any prediction be made, it represents the most likely turn of events, but the future depends on your own development and choices, and changes constantly with each decision you and others make. A prediction can only suggest what is likely to happen under certain circumstances. If you are looking for advice for your path, help with dream interpretation, want to understand the causes of an disease, or solve causes of your problems, a reading with a higher spirit may help you. You may book a private reading here.

Latest Channeled Messages:

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